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I was shocked.

What does he mean?
Isn’t letting me go giving me complete freedom?
What I expect is that I will never see him again, and we will never see each other again. It is enough to remember each other occasionally when I am old.
But he said he would not divorce me …
Although we are married in the army, if he wants a divorce, there is naturally a way.
What exactly is it?
I pushed him away and stared into his eyes. "Is it because Miss Gu is in danger that you still need me to be the second lady of Ye Jia?"
Or he told me to leave, too. Take the enemy’s eyes off Gu Changyu.
No wonder Gu Changyu said he hurt me.
No wonder she pretends to be worried about me …
Ye Xiangyuan touched my face and interrupted my thoughts. "You think wrong. I’m not her."
I sneer
He gently sighed and held my fingertip to his lips and kissed him. "You believe me, nothing happened between me and the little fish."
Section 27
I don’t believe him at all.
If he and Gu Changyu are really innocent, what about the video?
He turned over my hand and kissed my palm. "It’s my fault to make you and your baby suffer … You should take good care of yourself after going abroad and don’t want to keep your body well … You like to open the window when you go to bed at night, but Ayi said it’s good to leave a seam or it will hurt later … You like to drink cold water, so you should drink more hot water …"
I heard it very strangely.
It’s not like him to talk about things.
I can’t help holding him in my backhand and eagerly saying, "What’s the matter?"
Will it be with the Li family?
At this time, I don’t care about him and Gu Changyu. I am more worried about his safety.
Maybe he’s going to try his best to settle accounts with the Li family completely.
In this way, there is great risk.
If it fails, Li jiaqi will be implicated not only in Ye Jia but also in following Ye Xiangyuan.
I can’t help wondering whether he let me go because he was afraid that I would suffer with him, or whether he deliberately sent me abroad to attract the attention of the Li family and protect Gu Changyu.
Ye Xiang kissed my face from a distant relative and said, "Don’t think too much that I am reluctant to let you leave."
I stared at him incredulously.
He looked back at me calmly, and his eyes were clear, as if he really didn’t hide anything from me.
I became silent.
Then I realized that I had just worried about him.
I can’t believe I still can’t let him go …
This makes me feel depressed.
Therefore, my tone became a little aggressive and asked, "What deal did you make with Han Qingshan?"
This time with Ye Xiangyuan silence.
He looked away from me.
My heart suddenly asked, "Is it with me?"
He gently touched my hair judo "with you, you are my wife, how can I trade you?"
I still stared at him suspiciously.
But he stopped talking.
I’m a little anxious and resentful that he kept it from me.
He was about to press him again when he suddenly got up and said, "It’s late. You should have a good rest. Take good care of yourself these days and don’t think about those worries."
And then left.
I watched him walk out of the room and leave a figure, which gave me some bad feelings.
Pan Dong came in at this time with his hands, dragged the two carers away and said to me, "Sister-in-law, sleep peacefully, and I will be guarded by bodyguards outside."
I, uh, I …
He paused. "Sister-in-law, you have to trust the chief."
I sighed, "Do you think I should trust him after all that has happened?"
桑拿网Pan Dong Lou hesitated and didn’t speak.
Of course, I won’t be difficult for him, let alone angry with him. He glanced at him and said, "Thank you for this."
Pandong shook his head. "That sister-in-law has a rest."
Say that finish with the door.
I am very grateful to Pan Dong.
I asked him to do that appraisal. I thought he would refuse or report it to Ye Xiangyuan, but I didn’t expect him to really help me.
At that time, I was thinking that even if he told Ye Xiangyuan, it wouldn’t matter much. Anyway, it’s not a bad thing for me to have a showdown with Ye Xiangyuan sooner or later and let Ye Xiangyuan know about the video earlier.
But Pan Dong actually kept Ye Xiangyuan hidden for me.
This makes me feel moved and guilty.
I doubted him some time ago, but I didn’t think he would help me in turn.
Although I don’t know what he will help me, I am really grateful to him.
And tonight, he once again solved a doubt for me.
Ye Xiangyuan’s appearance is too coincidental. I suspect that he sent Han Qingshan to see me on purpose.
And Pan Dongchong nodded at me to tell me that my guess was correct.