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The leaders and colleagues in the college all know that cheating at chess always comes to comfort me, and so do my students.

I’m touched by everyone’s kindness.
What moved me even more was that my good friend Nan Nan was always with me.
约茶Nannan is her name. What’s more interesting is that her brother’s name is Nandong, and she has a cousin named Nanbei.
She resented Wen Lu’s trouble coming to me. "I didn’t have class or school that day. If I had been there, I would have slapped her a few more times to see if she dared to be so arrogant."
We went to college together, went to graduate school and stayed in school together. Speaking of which, I spent more time with her than with Ning Qi.
She is really gentle, but after listening to Wen Lu, she was almost furious.
She insisted on inviting me to dinner after class that day, saying that there was a famous Chinese restaurant called "Fool" in the east of the city.
It takes at least an hour and a half to run to the east of our school from the northwest of the imperial city, almost half a week around the city, but this is her intention, of course I won’t refuse
I’ve heard of that store. It seems that Xiao Yankai, a popular actress, has some background.
After we went, we found that the store was full of stars.
Nan Nan said that people who want to come in may not be able to make an appointment for half a year.
She got the reservation number through a friend.
I think it’s quite novel
South-South suddenly lowered his bass. "Isn’t that Ye Xiangyuan?"
I looked back and saw Ye Xiangyuan walking into the restaurant, and the winner Xiaoyan took his arm and laughed.
Handsome men and beautiful women are very eye-catching
South-South low told me hexagrams "I heard that Ye Xiangyuan is a leaf family …"
I am one Leng
Ye Jia in the Imperial Capital is extremely powerful. In the eyes of us ordinary people, Ye Jia is like the moon and the moon in the sky.
I guessed that Ye Xiangyuan’s identity was not simple, but I didn’t expect him to be so big. No wonder the doctors in the military hospital were kind to me.
Nan-nan said with a smile, "But it’s quite brave of him to help you."
I nodded.
Later, I have heard from Nannan that Wen Lu knocked me unconscious, and Ye Xiangyuan happened to see Ye Xiangyuan help me to appease the students and then sent me to the hospital.
Yu Ningqi and Wen Lu heard that Ye Xiangyuan called the security guard and drove people away.
South-South eyed Ye Xiangyuan and whispered, "There is such a winner in life in the world. Good people are born and handsome … I’m jealous."
I followed her eyes.
At this time, Ye Xiangyuan and Xiaoyan are going to pack on the second floor.
He was surrounded and walked forward, followed by a group of people who were arched by the stars. He was as powerful as the moon and full of extravagance.
I heard that he is very kind to students, but from his brief contact, he should be a difficult person to get along with.
I also saw Ye Wen, who followed Ye Xiangyuan step by step, just like an invisible man.
But I know he is not a simple person, he should be Ye Xiangyuan’s confidant.
When they got to the south of the building, they looked back and turned to the topic and asked me, "Are you really going to forgive Ning Qi?"
I nodded. "After all these years, let’s just live."
South-South frowned disapprovingly.
I smiled bitterly and was about to explain that my cell phone rang and it was a strange number.
Hesitated. I picked it up and there were two sounds.
"Aunt, it’s very kind of you to cook soup for me. I’m so happy."
"Good boy, if you like, aunt will continue to cook for you one day. You have a good rest and take good care of yourself and your child. Ning Qi and his father are looking forward to the birth of our grandson."
"But chess elder brother is afraid of timely elder sister heard that timely elder sister is very fierce … aunt, I’m so afraid …"
"Don’t be afraid of this aunt will deal with you and have a good baby …"