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Lin Mo-chen didn’t think that what he said was not serious at all.

"That …" Lu sorrow sip lip stable mood.
"Let’s finish eating noodles first." Lin Mochen took a bite and then picked up a spoonful for her.
Lu sorrow is dazed for a second and then eat generously "don’t you abandon? Don’t you have cleanliness? "
"There is, but it varies from image to image, and I will mind sharing it with everyone except you." Lin Mochen said while eating noodles. "You are my wife, so what are you afraid of when you even drool when kissing?"
After Lu’s sorrow, can he bury his head lower and eat noodles?
They didn’t finish a bowl of noodles in a short time, and even drank a drop of glittering and translucent noodle soup.
Lin Mo Chen took a tissue to Lu You and then wiped his mouth with a tissue himself.
"It’s time to rest after eating." Lin Mochen came from the high chair.
Lu You said hastily, "Mr. Lin, you haven’t answered my question yet?"
Lin Mo-chen dropped his eyes on the bowl and raised his eyebrows slightly, as if to say that you can’t read it yourself?
Lu sorrow also left his eyes on the bowl and looked at the bowl as if he had found the answer. He looked up at him.
Lin Mo Chen has turned and stepped into the living room to sit for a while.
桑拿按摩  title=Lu Youhao took the bowl chopsticks and went to the pool to clean them. She quickly cleaned the bowl and cut some fruit platters.
She put the glass bowl of water with fruit on the coffee table and sat down beside Lin Mochen.
She picked up a fork and handed an apple to Lin Mochen’s mouth to "eat an apple"
"Just ate noodles …" Lin Mochen is quite full at the moment.
"If you eat fruit, your skin will be good." Lu You has a tough attitude but a coquetry tone. "You must eat! Eat one … "
She wrapped her arms around him and begged him to surrender anyway.
Lin Mo-chen was tied up by her, so she opened her mouth and ate a piece.
Lu you smiled with satisfaction, and then he ate a piece himself and felt that the apple was extremely sweet to the bottom of his heart.
Lu Sorrow forced Lin Mochen to share this fruit platter with her.
Section 152
"Well, let’s have a rest." Lu you looked at the fruit with satisfaction.
Lin Mo Chen and she went to the bedroom and Lu You put pajamas in his hand. "You wash first."
"Are you sure?" Lin Mochen raised his eyebrows and asked.
"Of course I’m sure," Lu said and pushed him.
Lin Mochen issued a temptation invitation in front of the bathroom. "Why not wash together?"
Lu sorrow shook his head and dared not think about the dirty picture. "No … No, I haven’t got my pajamas yet. You go first."
"Well, then," Lin Mo thought, and went into the bathroom. There was a flash of light in the dark fundus.
Lu sorrow felt cold sweat floating on his forehead, and when he saw Lin Mo-chen enter the bathroom and heard splashing water, her heart was a little easier.
Although they have had the closest relationship, she still can’t fully adapt to the couple’s affairs. After all, this is the first time in 23 years that she has met a man frankly, and every time she asks to turn the lights down, she is afraid that being naked will make her feel ashamed.
Thinking about thinking about herself has heated her breath and ears.
Lu sorrow slowly sat down on the sofa and stared at the bathroom direction. He has been quietly listening to the water, and the whole person is still uneasy.
Today, Lin Mo-chen is very abnormal. Is she finished or not? He doesn’t know what he really wants to do. Is he angry? He still wants to talk to her and share a bowl of noodles. If he is not angry, his attitude is really a little colder than usual.
For the first time, Lin Mo-chen felt that Lin Mo-chen was at arm’s length.
After Lin Mo-chen hit Chi Yiming, he never said, "What is on his mind?"?
Thoughts wander. She listened to Lin Mochen coming out of the bathroom in a low voice. "Mrs. Lin, it seems that you didn’t bring me a bath towel just now."
"Really?" Lu sorrow got up from the sofa and remembered that when she took her robe just now, she was in some urgent need as if she didn’t bring him a bath towel.
Then he found the bath towel and sent it to the door of the bathroom. She bent her finger and knocked on the door. "I brought you the bath towel."
"The door is unlocked. Open it yourself." Lin Mo Chen sounded.
Lu sorrow staring at the doorknob stretched out his hand to unscrew it was unlocked.
She opened the door a gap and jumped enough for her arm to reach in and handed the bath towel to Lin Mochen.
"Take it for you." She’s awake, Lin Mochen.
Lin Mochen didn’t reach for the bath towel and said, "There’s foam splashing in my eyes. I can’t see it. Can you get it for me?"