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He Lianyin gently shook his head. "I didn’t do badly in the exam. Don’t worry, brother."

"What’s so sad about not doing well in the exam?" He looked at her face again and again, only to find that the ring on her left hand was gone. He grabbed her left hand in one leng, and He Lianyin was shocked. His right hand held his left hand and turned pale.
"You let go of my hand" is hard to hide weakness and fear in her voice.
HeLianYin pinch hurt her feeling loosened his hand look confused "Yin, where is your ring? Is it because the ring is lost that you are very sad? "
"No," she breathed slowly and calmed down. She was in shock in her heart. Her right hand held her left hand and she played slowly and gently. "I put it away."
"Put it away? What? "
"I was afraid that I would lose the ring and put it away for the time being."
The teenager looked at her pale face with a trace of inexplicably uneasy at the bottom of my heart. "Xiao Yin, why is your face so wrong? Is there something wrong over there? "
"I’m a little tired without my brother. I just came back from the comprehensive exam at noon. I feel a little tired after sitting in the car for a long time. You know I can’t take a bus."
The teenager nodded. "Why don’t I send you back to the dormitory to have a rest?"
"I have to attend the celebration later. I don’t want to be absent."
"If you are in poor health, don’t force yourself to attend the celebration party all the time. It’s nothing important. Don’t force yourself to be in poor health or your mental state will be bad."
"No," she insisted.
He Lianyin also can’t say anything more.
Xia Jin also came over to smile at the manuscript. "Xiao Yin, you can come back. It’s really lonely without you in the class."
喝茶约茶  title=The party is very lively
Yu Zhou and Xia Jin laughed humorously in the center of the classroom. They organized a lot of games that were not rehearsed beforehand, and everyone could participate, such as four people, three chairs, two people, three feet and two people standing up to make each other laugh, and so on. All kinds of small songs took turns to appear and were very lively.
All the students sat around the central table of the classroom and laughed their heads off.
HeLianYin sitting beside HeLianYin she didn’t participate in multiplayer games, thoughtfully looking at the podium piano don’t know what to think.
The teenager stared at the two braids all night. He propped up his head and automatically filtered all the happy smiles to fix a special band, but the man kept silent and occasionally ate one or two petals of orange.
I don’t know what Xiao Yin is upset about. Although she looks calm, he knows she is upset.
The atmosphere in the experimental class is noisy, United and jubilant.
Many students went to play games or perform, even Yu Ge. He was called to the middle of the classroom by Yu Zhou to sing a song.
Facing the class classmate Yu Ge, he took the microphone from the boat and said calmly, "Facing this song named" Friends ",I want to give this famous friend song to a friend and wish her a smooth future. All her hopes and expectations can be realized. Thank you."
In the palm of your hand like a wave
The slightly lower timbre floated up.
"Over the years, a person has gone through the wind and rain, and there have been tears and mistakes. Remember what to insist on …"
He held the microphone.
Looking at HeLianYin from afar.
Black eyes and black hair
Although the shirt is a little old, it still looks like a king in him.
He looked at her quietly.
I don’t know when the amulet at the neck is exposed.
"If you really love, you will understand that you will be lonely and look back. You will have a dream and a heart …"
He Lianyin’s jaw is tense.
A strange jealousy made his pupil dim and his handsome face suddenly became cold.
That yellow Fu Tou Xiao Yin also has a triangle that he saw when he was helping her to tidy her skirt just now, as well as a red rope winding on a yellow background and cinnabar characters.
When did they become so close? Yu Ge, such a cold person, said that he would send a friend to him, but he really loved it before he understood it. Hehe, is this shattered glass? I remember that they spent two weeks together outside the two cities, and that the ring he gave Xiao Yin was taken by her. Do so many coincidences represent what happened to them in this period?
He Lianyin’s heart seemed to be plunged into a thin needle, slightly aching and straight through the bowels.
"Friends walk together all their lives. In those days, there is no longer a word. A generation loves a glass of wine all their lives. A friend has never been alone. You will understand that there are still injuries and pains to go and me …"
Friends, the melody is still lingering
In the song deeply staring at Hector even Yin song tender.
He Lianyin’s jaw is tense with his eyes closed, and there are cold and lonely lines.
After a long time.
He said to He Lianyin, "I feel a little stuffy to go out for a walk."
Then he left the classroom.
Leave a cold breath
HeLianYin consternation.
Intuition told her brother that she was unhappy, and then she got up and said to her classmates, "I’m going to wash my hands."
He followed the footsteps of He Lianyin.
Section 16
The night outside is silent.
I don’t know when the cold rain has come one after another. The figure of the teenager is covered up. There is no umbrella in the rain. He walks silently with his lip line pursed.
He Lianyin looked up and it was dark and thick.
The rain is getting heavier and heavier.
Teenagers walk tirelessly in the rain.
His back is getting farther and farther away.