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Teng Jun came to trouble me as usual before leaving.

She grabbed my arm and this time she was going to pour water into my mouth.
My intuition is not right, of course, I can’t let her succeed. I quickly got rid of her and took a few steps back
夜生活I was splashed a little in my mouth, but I felt that it was ordinary water, so I was not at ease.
Unwillingly, she continued to rush over and threw the water department in my face.
I dodged again and kicked her away.
She glared at me angrily on her face.
I ignored her.
At this time, there are guards to subdue her.
I looked down at my eyes, and the water was splashing my skirt. I thought I might not be able to come again, and I thought there was still a long way to go to Lujia.
Sister-in-law came over with Xiaojin and took a look at Tengjun and shook her head. "Ignore her and let’s go."
This time, Ye Xiangyuan drove the car himself, and my sister-in-law and I sat in the back, while Xiao Jin sat among us.
Xiaojin chatted with me. "I have prepared a gift for aunt Xiaoyu. I hope she likes it ~"
Nuonuo small voice is so beautiful that my heart is melting.
He wore a handsome suit, and his tan turned white during the summer vacation.
Because of the intense training, he lost some weight, and his face is a little bit like a sister-in-law and a little bit like a leaf family. Anyway, he is a handsome little guy.
I couldn’t help hugging him for a good "ravage"
Xiaojin smiled shyly.
Maybe it’s because the eldest sister-in-law is with him that he is cheerful.
However, I also found that he is now more and more like a little fox.
In front of us, he is more clever and sensible, but I have seen him indifferent when dealing with problems with Ye Xiangyuan, and I have seen him make a determined effort when training.
I think it’s good that Ye’s family has a complicated environment and his heart is strong so that he won’t be defeated.
Leaf to remote didn’t speak.
I looked at him in the rearview mirror, and his eyes were gloomy as if he were thinking something.
Chapter 162 Gu Changyu birthday party
Are you worried that the birthday party will go wrong?
I didn’t ask much because my sister-in-law and Xiao Jin were both present.
After half an hour, the car arrived at Lujia.
The car leaves swept my skirt far away and smiled "good-looking"
I looked at his expression carefully, and I couldn’t see anything wrong. I couldn’t help smiling and holding his arm.
Section 154
Xiaojin was led by her eldest sister-in-law.
We walked into Lujia together.
Lujia villa city is quite a bit noisy and quiet, covering a wide area, almost as big as an amusement park.
The fact that the capital of Di Chin can occupy such a piece of land shows how powerful Lujia is.
The original Lujia is also a military compound, but Lujia has always been an old family in the imperial city. This is their old house and they have been living here.
From the mall to the gate, cars were parked all the way, and the lanterns in the courtyard were even more brightly lit. Lu Jiadi greeted the guests at the gate early.
Presumably, we are still late.
There have been many guests who have arrived here, and they are all enthusiastically stepping on clothes, incense, temples and shadows.
This is my first time here, and I was shocked by the Lujia style.
In fact, Lujiayuan is too big, and its architectural style is also very distinctive, somewhat like an ancient house.
Into the hall is about because Ye Xiangyuan appeared everyone looked up.
Gu Changyu is a young lady from the family and Lu Xun’s wife. Lu Xun is the head of the Lujia family. Her birthday party is really grand. Almost half of the imperial family have arrived.
I swept over a little and saw many people dressed up to attend. Some of them were white and beautiful, but they were also temperament Zhuo Qun.