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Chapter 66 Top ten wins Australia

After winning the European Super Cup, Lu Wenbin also completed it, winning 50,000 experience and 5 skill points for this champion.
Plus Super Bowl rich experience, Lu Wenbin’s experience rose by 2 levels, and the balance of 12.25 million 50,000 skill points became 31 points.
After returning to Spain, Real Madrid can finally celebrate it.
Although it’s two Super Cups, it’s a champion after all, and with three championships in half a year, Real Madrid has won five championships this year.
Whether you win the World Club Cup or not, you have already won the five-time championship.
It is quite a sense of accomplishment for a team to win five championships a year. Real Madrid naturally celebrated it.
However, two consecutive Super Cup long-distance flights made Real Madrid’s main team really tired.
Therefore, in the third round of La Liga’s home game against Granada on September 3, Real Madrid rotated most of the main teams and even Lu Wenbin sat on the bench.
But even Real Madrid’s reserve team is much stronger than Granada’s.
At the end of the half-time, Real Madrid had already scored 2 goals ahead of Ozil and Kaka, and Granada failed to score a goal. The gap between the two sides was still quite obvious.
Seeing this, Mourinho simply didn’t even give it to Lu Wenbin and others when he appeared.
In the end, Real Madrid scored another goal at halftime and beat Granada 3 at home, extending their unbeaten game to 45 games.
After this round of league matches, it will be the international football match day, and Lu Wenbin and others will pack their bags and return to the national team to participate in the national team competition.
After winning the Olympic champion, Lu Wenbin’s Olympic team will be successful and retired, and there will be national team competitions in the future.
The current stage is to lead the China team out of the top ten competitions in Asia and advance to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.
On September 5th, Lu Wenbin reported to the China national team that he accidentally met Wu Sihuo and Lei Wu.
Wu Sihuo turned out to be the third goalkeeper of China national team, with Ceng Cheng and Yang Zhi in front.
The biggest reason is naturally that Wu Sihuo performed very well when he appeared in the Olympic final.
Adding German league to exercise Wu Sihuo’s goalkeeping ability is indeed much better than many goalkeepers in China.
Last season, Wu Sihuo was rented to a German B club by Hoffenheim. If Wu Sihuo can get a foothold in German B, it is also possible to become the main goalkeeper of China team in the future.
Yu Wulei was naturally selected into the first-team national team because of Lu Wenbin’s tacit cooperation in the Olympic team.
Of course, Lei Wu can’t play the main force now
This competition is the first three rounds of the fourth round of the Top Ten. China scored 6 points, ranking first day, 4 points, second Australia, 2 points, third Oman, 2 points, fourth Iraq and 1 point.
In the fourth round, even if the China team plays at home against the Australian team, it will play against the Iraqi Oman round.
On September 11th, the fourth round of China’s World Cup Asian Top Ten Competition kicked off at Kuntuodong Stadium.
Australia’s overall strength is definitely the top ranked AFC flag team. The most famous and powerful striker in the array is Tim Cahill.
Cahill once played for Everton in the Premier League and is an iconic figure in Australian football.
However, Lu Wenbin is a far cry from it.
And Cahill is too old.
Born in 1979, Cahill is now 32 years old and has left him for more than ten years this summer. Everton joined New York Red Bull.
The side away from the European football center reflects Cahill’s slippery old age.
Therefore, despite the overall strength of Australia, Lu Wenbin led the China team away from France.
China played well with the fans cheering.
In the 21st minute, China scored the first goal with Lu Wenbin assisting Gao Lin, and China led 1.
Australia wanted to fight back after falling behind the score.
However, it was less than ten minutes before the first goal. In the 29th minute, Lu Wenbin made a long-distance attack after breaking the ball, which made Australia know that he was awesome.
Lu Wenbin personally broke the ball in the backcourt, personally broke through the long-distance attack and even passed three people. Finally, the goalkeeper Ryan was knocked down in the forbidden area and then hit the door.
China leads Australia 2.
It’s hard to find an opponent at the Asian level with Lu Wenbin’s China team, and it’s hard to compete even with a strong team like Australia.
In the 44th minute before the half-time, China got a corner kick, and Lu Wenbin also banned a wonderful heel kick in the melee and scored the third goal of China.
China’s 3-0 lead over Aussie is certain to win.
The two sides entered the halftime with a score of 3.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again.
The overall strength of Australia is really good.
In the 54 th minute, Australia finally cut the position of the team as a whole and tore open the defense line of China team. Even Lu Wenbin’s help in defense failed to stop Australia’s attack
The attack was completed by Cahill, who scored a low shot from the forbidden area and broke the goal guarded by Ceng Cheng.
Cahill finally got a point back from Australia, which made more than one Australian fan in the corner of the stands cheer for a long time.
They even hope that Australia will even the score and reverse the victory.
桑拿网But in a few minute, China snuffed out their hope.
This time it was not scored by Lu Wenbin or assisted by him.
This time, Dewey, the central defender, stole the Australian attack and then launched a counterattack. Finally, the winger broke through the sea and cut the shot successfully.