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He is sitting at the desk with his legs crossed, leafing through her junior high school classmate record in the corner of the desk standing against the wall.

Earlier, Song Qingcheng went outside to buy him a wash. At the moment, the floor tile is being laid in the washbasin. Take back your eyes and put the dish of steamed bread at his hand. "Grandma specially steamed it for you."
Put your hands behind your back when you speak.
Yu Tingchuan suddenly asked, "Who is Zhong Yang?"
Song whole corner took a glance at the classmate record, and it happened that Zhong Yang wrote that page.
The purpose is to destroy the world and destroy the beauty.
品茶Song Qingcheng said, "It’s the boy sitting in front of me."
"Does his school call you that?"
Song Qingcheng is not white. Why does he still care about this Zhong Yang? It is really better to play with her in junior high school. It belongs to the kind of young boy who is not outstanding in appearance but has a lively personality. "No … when I graduated, I wrote this just like playing. What is arbitrary and there are spoof ingredients."
Yu Tingchuan looked up at her with a classmate record. "Why didn’t you explain so much?"
"…" Song Qingcheng defended himself "You asked me first"
Yu Tingchuan saw that she secretly pursed her lips, moved slightly, and smiled as if expressing dissatisfaction. Seeing this smile under her eyes, Song Qingcheng was a little embarrassed and could not help but ask, "What are you laughing at?"
Yu Tingchuan didn’t talk. After a while, he resumed his conversation. "I’m coming to Xu Dong for the high-speed train at two o’clock in the afternoon."
In this way, he resumed the big boss’s manner.
Whether it’s the tone of voice or the posture of sitting
Song city has long known that he is returning today, but there will still be a little surprise when he really listens to himself. But think about it, it is also the limit for Yu Rao, a small city like Hengyuan, to come here to inspect and stay for three days.
Seeing that she didn’t talk, Yu Tingchuan’s eyes were gentle. "Don’t want to let me go?"
"No," Song Qingcheng lowered his head and looked at him and said, "It’s good to go back. The company must have a lot of things waiting for you to deal with."
Yu Tingchuan looked back at her for a long time and asked, "Are you sure you don’t want to go back with me?"
Yu Rao, she can’t just walk away.
Song Qingcheng also saw that grandma didn’t go back to Nancheng with her, so she needed to stay and deal with it. Facing Yutingchuan’s inquiry, she could nod and say, "I’ll go there as soon as possible and give me a few more days."
Asked several times to get the answer, Yutingchuan didn’t force her again.
At noon, Yu Tingchuan stayed in the courtyard for dinner.
Compared with the last time, the atmosphere seems more subtle.
Wait until a few people sit down at the food table and grandma looks at Yutingchuan. "If you want to drink, there is a supermarket nearby for the whole city to buy you a bottle."
Yu Tingchuan said, "No, I don’t usually drink unless I go out for dinner."
Song Qingcheng sat aside and saw that Yu Tingchuan’s attitude towards his grandmother was indeed more restrained than usual. Later, he heard her say that "drinking too much wine is really bad for your health. The hospital listened to your driver at home and your stomach was not very good. After thirty years old, you should pay more attention to this aspect of maintenance."
"…" Song whole know grandma didn’t mean to say is true.
Yu Tingchuan didn’t have a bad face and didn’t even show any signs of caring. He also echoed the old lady’s words and answered, "Don’t worry, I will take care of my health and take care of the whole city."
Section 153
Song city is hanging his head to eat smell speech hold chopsticks fingers clenched.
The old lady’s face softened and she looked at a clever granddaughter next to her eyes. After dinner, she called Yutingchuan to her room and didn’t let Song Qingcheng play.
This time, the door is tightly locked with Song Qingcheng. I can’t listen to anything.
About half an hour, Yu Tingchuan walked out of grandma’s room.
Not long after, quadrangles appeared in Xu Dong.
Because in a hurry, Song Qingcheng didn’t find the opportunity to ask Yu Tingchuan’s grandmother what she told him in the house. Watching him change his clean clothes in the courtyard, he realized that his horse was leaving, and he felt a little uncomfortable.
At about 1: 30 pm, Yu Tingchuan left the courtyard for the high-speed train.
He didn’t see Song Qingcheng off.
Hutongkou watched the black cayenne drift away until the car turned and disappeared. Song Qingcheng slowly recovered his sight. In his mind, Yu Tingchuan asked himself, "Really don’t go together?"
Back to the quadrangle, grandma has washed the dishes and chopsticks.
Seeing Qingcheng push the door open and come in, the old lady asked, "Are you gone?"
"Well" the whole song nodded.
Grandma sighed, "If you want to go back to Nancheng with him, it’s still coming."
Song Qingcheng helped the old lady end up with bowls, chopsticks and dishes. "I told you to come back with me. I have already made an appointment with experts in Beijing to take you to the capital for ten days."
Grandma suddenly said, "I have told him and he promised that when you get married, you will continue to learn. If you still want to read, he must respect your opinion."
Song Qingcheng looked up at the old man’s house.
Grandma’s sitting on the bench next to her seems to be white. Her mind slowly said, "Don’t you worry that I didn’t say anything to embarrass him. Please treat you well after him. If his family really doesn’t like you, let him take you back a few times. You are stubborn and sometimes you won’t be soft enough to say things against your will. I hope he can excuse me. It’s not too short for the two of you to get to this point. Even if I think he’s not good, I want you to think more."