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"Don’t love stories often happen between families?" Ozawa also don’t know whether it is intentional or not, but now Wen Ya looks at Ozawa and thinks Ozawa is more serious.

Wen Ya looked at her son with some distress. "Ozawa’s TV dramas are all lies, so you don’t want to watch too much." It was her fault that she didn’t always accompany her son. Aunt Ozawa likes watching TV dramas. Sometimes, when chatting, she will look at them more … Is Ozawa going to become more precocious after a long time?
Wen Ya decided that before leaving early in the day, she must tell her aunt never to let her son continue to look at this … which made Wen Ya somewhat unprepared.
Wenze is wrinkly to knit the brows, but once again said, "Mom, it’s not bad for this uncle to be my father."
"What?" Wen Ya stare big eyes, some blush and heartbeat. Is her son really kidding? Or Wen Ya performance so directly let Ozawa see that she and ink SiNa is indeed a once?
Wen Ya still wants to be more difficult and a little guilty.
But Ozawa has hugged his mother at this time. His pink face looks very cute. He leaned forward and kissed Wen Ya on the cheek. "Mom, I think this uncle is quite good. When he was in kindergarten, he helped us out. He also went to kindergarten to pick me up and buy me toys. Didn’t he say that he was drunk? Mom, I think it must be you that he is so kind to me. "
Wen Ya’s mood at this moment is very complicated. She doesn’t know how to shape herself … Well, is it to say that her son is a great proverb or that her brain is too big?
"That … uncle has a girlfriend. Uncle is really devoted to his mother." It’s an explanation, but Wen Ya himself is really sad.
"Well," Wenze looked faint and didn’t know whether he was at ease.
Su Mo doesn’t like Luo Ruixi. Seeing him at this time is even more disgusting. It’s really a playboy who doesn’t choose a place like a lover.
Su Mo cold hum turned to go this picture to see his eyes, Su Mo felt that it was dirty his eyes.
But things can’t develop according to Su Mo’s imagination. At this time, her stallion came towards her. Su Mo stood in a daze and forgot to avoid it at the moment.
"Su Mo" Luo Ruixi came to Su Mo with a smile on his face.
After being lost by Luo Rui, the woman was a little dissatisfied and made a jiaochen sound. "Luo Shao, why did you leave someone here alone?"
Su Mo couldn’t help getting goose bumps when she heard others calling herself somebody else. This woman really didn’t expect Luo Ruixi’s taste to be so heavy.
桑拿论坛Su Mo frown abandon glanced at Luo Ruixi turned to go.
Luo Ruixi was not embarrassed. He grabbed Su Mo’s arm and Su Mo turned to look at Luo Ruixi. His eyes were full of disgust. "Let go!"
What kind of person is rogue? Why are you so hands-on? Su Mozhen hates this kind of playboy.
The woman looked at Luo Ruixi when she saw Luo Ruixi lose herself. They looked very wronged. They were like liankan. Luo Ruixi took Su Mo. The woman took Luo Ruixi.
The body of the Chapter 41 Every time I meet him, it must be bad.
The woman looked at Luo Ruixi when she saw Luo Ruixi lose herself. They looked very wronged. They were like liankan. Luo Ruixi took Su Mo. The woman took Luo Ruixi.
A woman’s lips are slightly pouting, but it’s kind of sexy. Her audio-visual is as crisp as a sweet pear. "Luo Shao, you said today is for me …"
"Be good and obedient, I will accompany you again. Today, I have something to do." Luo Ruixi explained that his eyes kept looking at Su Mo, and his eyes seemed to hint at Su Mo
Su Mo frowned and his eyes were a bit blank. He said he had something to do, so it shouldn’t be himself, right?
Glared at the woman’s face some unwilling Su Mo is probably Su Mo who is too low-key to be recognized as Sue darling daughter’s identity, which will make this woman a little annoyed. Where did Su Mo come from?
But she is smart after all, just as she knows in her heart that she can’t do anything that annoys Luo Ruixi. Didn’t Luo Ruixi also promise her that she would take the initiative to see her once?
Although I don’t know when it was once.
The woman sighed with some regret. After all, it seems that the atmosphere is so good today that it is rare to see it. But she really knows how to win the favor of men and immediately gather together before Luo Ruixi, "Luo Shaoren wants to kiss."
Generally speaking, men should not resist this performance, right?
But Luo Rui’s listening to women’s words is a bit "good" without laughing.
The woman was puzzled by the current situation … Did Luo Ruixi reject herself? Er, thinking like this makes a woman feel more wronged, but she knows who she is facing, saying that Luo Ruixi is easy to talk to and loves women, but in the end, it is that he is in a good mood. Come to the conclusion, to be honest, Su Mo is now trying to determine whether Luo Ruixi is in a good mood.
So she wants to follow Luo Rui’s instructions.
Glared at the woman’s heart hate hate Su Mo see things didn’t turn for the better again said, "ROM less you remember to come to see me!"
Luo Ruixi listened to a woman’s words, laughing, not saying yes and not saying no.