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Excellent predictive ability made Starr discover Eto ‘o’s movement and Steer’s intention to rush to catch Eto ‘o’s ball quickly. Before touching the ball, he made a decisive and fierce tackle to break the forbidden area by a millimeter, and the ball was shoveled away.

Eto’ o not only stopped his foot, but also wanted to make a foul in the Staban area and get a penalty.
Therefore, Eto ‘o didn’t jump to avoid tiptoe, hung up the tackles, and then exaggerated and suddenly fell into the forbidden area. He rolled for four or five laps and almost rolled out of the baseline.
Flint, except for a few people, most people didn’t see whether Starr shoveled the ball first or knocked down Eto ‘o first.
Anyway, everyone wants to influence the referee to get a favorable penalty.
So tens of thousands of Inter fans in the stands shouted like conditioned reflex.
"red card"
A Milan fans, not to be outdone, applauded and roared.
"Good shot"
"Good shovel"
"Eto ‘o diving"
Lu Wenbin, Sid and others also rushed over to pressure the referee to take a penalty.
But by this time, the ball shoveled by Starr had fallen to Zambrotta’s foot.
Zambrotta didn’t hesitate to kick the ball and kicked it to Pirlo in the file.
Referee Taliavento ignored the shouts of Lu Wenbin, Sid and others, and ran to Inter Milan half-time while holding hands to signal the game to continue.
He could see clearly that Starr scooped the ball first, and Eto ‘o didn’t jump up to avoid deliberately touching the porcelain Starr before being taken down.
Starr’s tackle defense is a good shot.
Milan players who don’t hear the referee’s whistle A naturally don’t care about Inter’s protests.
When Pirlo got the ball, he saw a big block in the backcourt that had just attacked Inter Milan, and Ibrahimovic had begun to turn around and sprint forward.
So Pirlo didn’t hesitate to send the ball to Inter Milan half-time without passing the attack front waist Ronaldinho.
Pirlo scored the ball in a flash, Ibrahimovic turned back to prevent Materazzi from crossing the side and offside, and successfully took the lead to get the ball and rushed to Inter Milan at half-time.
桑拿会所  title=However, Ibrahimovic is not a speed player, and he has to take the ball and combine it with the ball, which is not fast.
Materazzi has turned around and sprinted back to defend him, chasing after him and blocking the line position to prevent Ibrahimovic from leaning to the middle.
Then the two men corrected and pestered each other to kill the ribs in the forbidden area of Inter Milan from the side.
As long as the two men rushed into the forbidden area, Materazzi could seize the opportunity and suddenly stretch his foot from the side to try to break the ball or poke it away.
As a result, Ibrahimovic took the lead in touching the ball and went out, and then his whole body was tripped by Materazzi’s outstretched foot to ask for a monthly pass
Chapter 411 Dream start
Seeing that Ibrahimovic’s forbidden area was tripped by Materazzi, the referee tagliavento blew his whistle.
Then he rushed into the forbidden area and decisively pointed his finger at the penalty spot to signal Materazzi’s foul and sentenced Inter Milan to a penalty.
Just now, I felt that Eto ‘o was shoveled and didn’t get a penalty. I felt wronged. Inter fans suddenly became furious and cursed.
"black whistle"
"false whistle"