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She should have felt that I was depressed. I ate most of the food at noon. If South and South didn’t stop me, I wouldn’t stop eating until I vomited.

I bought so many things after shopping, not because I liked it, but because I didn’t want to stop.
If I stop, I don’t know if I can hold on, will I squat on the side of the road and cry?
South-South held me tightly. "Everyone will pass, believe me …"
I hugged him back and nodded gently "… well"
After all, after four years together, I decided early in the morning that I was definitely going to marry Ning Qi. I never expected that he would cheat and that his parents would defect.
Their betrayal was a stab in the back to me.
How can I not feel pain?
At first, I probably didn’t slow down and remained calm, but when I recovered, the pain overwhelmed me.
约茶When I got home, my mother called
She and my dad traveled all over Europe and went to Africa to do public welfare.
I talk to them every night, but I have never said that I would rather play chess than worry them.
This time, too
But maybe it’s because I just cried and my voice is hoarse. My mother heard something was wrong and asked me what happened.
I was just trying to find an excuse. The doorbell rang outside.
Through the cat’s eye door, I would rather have my mother.
I opened the door rather inquisitively.
Ning Ma came in and took my hand with a full face of apologies. "It’s time to be a chess player. I’m sorry. You are an uncle and aunt. I’m sorry … can you forgive us once? Will you get back together with Ning Qi?
My mother heard the phone still on the phone and asked eagerly, "What happened to you and Ning Qi?"
I was stunned by Ning Ma and immediately said, "It’s okay, it’s okay. Aunt Ning is here. Mom, I’ll hang up and call you back later."
Ning Ma took my hand with a kind face. "You are a good boy, but our Ning family is sorry for you."
I don’t quite take my hand out. "Aunt, what do you want with me so late?"
Ning Ma sighed in a very sincere tone. "I’m here to apologize to you. Ning Qi is such a jerk. I’ve already scolded him … You can forgive him once …"
I looked at her in surprise. "If I remember correctly, I said I could forgive him before, but you seem to be very satisfied with that mistress, so I can let go."
NingMa expression slightly stiff stammered, "that’s me and your uncle crazy …"
I smiled. "Is it because Xiaosan didn’t have a baby that you regretted it?"
Ning Ma embarrassedly denied that "it’s not that we didn’t talk to the children … we saw the true face of Xiao San, and that lying woman can’t have it …"
I Gherardini interrupted her, "Aunt, I don’t believe a word you are saying now."
I used to be polite, but after what happened in the hospital, I was completely disappointed with Ning’s family and didn’t want to wronged myself again.
I can’t figure out how confident they are that I will accept Ningqi.
Ning Ma’s face became more and more stiff when she was robbed by me like this.
She probably didn’t expect me to be so rude.
But soon she recovered and cried out, "You are a good girl … Ning Qi has already reflected on it … What a pity that you have been engaged and bought a wedding room …"
Chapter 12 is not the house
I felt a little wary when I heard her awake.
And she didn’t pay attention to what I was thinking and took my hand again. "I heard that you are going to sell the house. It’s too uneconomical for the house price to rise now … I want you to forgive Ning Qi, and we will give you a wine and get married. It would be nice for you to live in it then."
I looked at her in silence for about half a minute. I asked softly, "If I give up the room, you and Ningqi will not bother me again?"
Ning Ma suddenly opened her eyes wide. "Are you willing to give up the house?"
I didn’t do it. I just stared at her.
She seems to know that her reaction is not quite right, and she immediately changed her mind. "Look at what you said about me … I hope that you will have a good relationship with Ning Qi …"
But just now, her face flashed, and the surprise was not fake. I saw it clearly
What am I not white about at this moment?
She came from the room, but she has to go around like this.
I repeated, "If I don’t want a room, can you promise not to come to me later?"
Ning Ma didn’t reply this time.
She looked at me with a complicated look and finally nodded as if she were determined. "If you are willing to give the room to Ning Qi, I promise that our family will never appear in front of you again!"
My heart sank little by little.
Although I have guessed that she can really hear her admit in disguise, I still can’t help shivering
Section 1
Why should I give up my room?
Nobody’s money came from the strong wind. My parents worked hard for a generation to save my dowry. Why should I give it to them for nothing?
What’s more, cheating is Ning Qi’s doing something wrong, but Ning Qi’s doing something wrong. Why do they have the face to think about this suite?
Am I so easy to bully a person in their eyes?
I gritted my teeth and stared at Ning Ma. "Do you think I am stupid?"
Ning Ma’s eyes flashed and she didn’t dare to look me in the eye.
Who knows that for a second, she suddenly began to cry. "Good boy, don’t blame your aunt for being unclear … I’m also going the wrong way … I don’t have a retirement salary with Ning Qi’s father, Keith Downing Qi has to marry a wife and have no room. Who wants to marry him …"
I looked at her coldly. "Wenlu’s family is engaged in real estate. Will it be a suite?"
It’s strange to hear that Wen Lu’s family has money, but Ning Ma is not excited at all. Instead, she begged and looked at me generally. "Please, aunt, just give our house …"
Of course, I won’t promise to be cold. "You’d better hurry to Jeannin to coax and warm the road. Maybe your family can live in a villa with you."
NingMa like didn’t hear my words continue to beg "aunt before is not bad for you, good boy, you just look at the former mutual affection to ning chess … I will repay you in the afterlife …"
I frown and can’t figure out why she wants this suite.
She looked at me and whispered, "Otherwise, you can marry Ning Qi …"
I’m a little confused
So she really came today and forced me to make a choice, either let me marry Ning Qi or let me give up my room.