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Lu Wenbin rushed into the forbidden area to grab the ball, but the opposing defender pulled it, but he couldn’t get in place and chose the position more than a little.

Just as the ball was about to fly from behind, Lu Wenbin leaned forward and lifted his foot backwards. A scorpion swung its tail and knocked the ball to the goal.
Goalkeeper Eot Lu Wenbin has already shot, and his attention has been focused on the back point. Luo Shen was caught off guard by Lu Wenbin’s heel scorpion.
It’s too late to wait for him to react before fighting.
Although the ball is not fast, it is still firm. Aote flew into the goal before the palm of his hand arrived.
At 19 o’clock, creativity made Lu Wenbin play a talented scorpion and scored twice. Real Madrid led 2 at home.
The score almost declared the end of the game, and the Mallorca players lost their spirits.
It is wishful thinking to think that Bernabeu Lu Wenbin will lead Real Madrid to make a comeback.
Therefore, after the game, Real Madrid completely controlled the situation, and Mallorca players concentrated on defense and tried to keep as few goals as possible.
Instead of thinking about reversing the good things and focusing on defense, Mallorca’s defense has been much better, and it has never given Real Madrid any decent opportunities.
Even if there were occasional shots, the goalkeeper’s excellent play did not form a goal.
It was not until the end of the half-time that Lu Wenbin observed the situation on the other side of the court with full vision. Suddenly, a big foot came up on the right side of the midfield and moved across more than 4 meters, so that the defense situation of the left Luluo people successfully got the ball.
Then Luo took the ball, cut on the bike and broke through. After rushing to defend a defender, he went into the forbidden area and shot hard at the ribs near the corner.
Real Madrid scored 3-0 at half time.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides changed sides and fought again. There was no difference between the half-time game and the half-time, or Real Madrid pressed Mallorca to hit Mallorca and set up a bus to defend it.
In the 54th minute, Lu Wenbinluo and Zema entered the forbidden zone after a wonderful small-scale cooperation from outside, which made Mallorca’s defense line in chaos.
Then Lu Wenbin hit the ball with an unexpected heel ball at the penalty spot to the point behind the man’s defensive small forbidden area.
Di Maria inserted the defensive situation from outside the forbidden area and shot hard to break the goal. The goalkeeper couldn’t watch the ball get into the net.
Real Madrid leads by 4.
Although Mallorca finally scored a counter-attack goal in the 75 th minute, it didn’t help, not only to reverse the game, but also to stop Real Madrid from scoring again.
In the 75th minute, Mourinho Kaka replaced Di Maria and let Kaka play in the last league game of the season. Lu Wenbin, Luo and Kaka played together.
Not long after the game, Kaka received Zema’s return ball, pretended to fool Lu Wenbin to defend his defender, and then suddenly inserted the ball forward and entered the forbidden area. He kicked his foot in the ribs and shot the far corner.
The goalkeeper was too slow to touch the ball.
The ball bypassed the goalkeeper and crossed a weak arc in the palm of his hand to hit the far post and bounced into the net.
Kaka came off the bench in the last game of La Liga season and scored a goal.
In the 7th minute, Ronaldo was knocked down by a Mallorca player outside the forbidden zone, and Real Madrid got an Italian goal.
Lu Wenbin scored the last goal of Real Madrid’s last game and scored a hat trick.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.
桑拿按摩At this time, the score on the big screen was 61. In the last league game of Real Madrid season, 61 scores were bloody, and Mallorca won the last round of the league.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick and assisted two goals in the last game, and the way of making five goals by one person dominated the whole game.
When the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game, the whole Bernabeu stadium fell into a sea of carnival.
Commentators are excited to say that "the game is over. Real Madrid wiped out the visiting team Mallorca by 61 points, ending their last game of the season."
"So Real Madrid won 33 wins, 5 draws and 14 points unbeaten in the three rounds of La Liga in the season, and won the championship. Real Madrid became the unbeaten champion team in La Liga in the first season and scored 14 points to be the highest in La Liga history."
"Not only did La Liga Real Madrid score 14 points, but it was also the first team to break 100 points in the history of the five major leagues in Europe."
"Lu Wenbin scored 6 La Liga goals in 31 appearances and once again set a new record for the number of goals and points in the European Golden Boot Award. The European Golden Boot was once again suspense by Lu Wenbin."
After the game, Real Madrid moved the league championship trophy won after winning Barcelona to their home court and held a grand celebration ceremony again.
His unbeaten home season won the championship and set a historical score record. Lu Wenbin defended the European Golden Boots and so on, and there were more than 100,000 fans outside the stadium, which was obviously much more lively than the Nou Camp celebration.
There was also an episode during the celebration.
Real Madrid stars held the trophy table and cheered to celebrate. When Mourinho was invited to join the stage, he suddenly fell to his knees and thanked the players before getting up and running to the podium to celebrate with the players.
Mourinho’s kneeling thanks made the field stunned and gave the world a new understanding of this unruly personality coach.
It turns out that the madman Mourinho also has such a gentle and emotional side.
Real Madrid’s unbeaten championship in the season celebrated the whole night, and the city of Madrid fell into a sea of carnival.
La Liga officially ended in 211212 season.
Next is the Champions League final and the King’s Cup final.
Real Madrid’s 10th Champions League trophy is waiting in front of it.
Chapter 566 Starry European Derby
After Real Madrid scored 14 points in five major league records and won the unbeaten championship in the season and won the La Liga championship in 211212, the club and fans held a grand celebration ceremony.