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Lu sorrow line of sight falls on his sexy thin lips, and this time she wants to take the initiative.

"If you want me to prove it, give me a kiss." Lin Mochen just wants her to take the initiative.
Lu sorrow has a second hesitation.
She reached out and wrapped her hand around his neck, then she stood on tiptoe slightly, closed her eyes, and her eyelashes trembled, and then she gave her red lips to his thin lips.
She took the initiative to make her gentle, and she kissed her gently and carefully, like a continuous drizzle that moistened his heart.
He felt that his heart missed suffering and was comforted by her bit by bit.
Her kiss aroused his desire and possession, so gentle that Lin Mo-chen couldn’t satisfy his desire for more intense lingering.
He swept away the things in front of the desk with his big palm and then held her on the office desktop, which was more conducive to the two people kissing.
He was actively deepened their lips and teeth kiss.
Deep and wild, they intertwined their lips and teeth and danced solo with their thoughts.
Enthusiasm is like an erupting volcano, which has all the power to dissolve.
spa会所Lu sorrow has crazy in love’s breathing and heartbeat are so violent that he wants you to jump out of his chest.
Her clothes half fell on her shoulders, and her skin was as white as jade.
She is as beautiful as a spring sleeping begonia.
If someone hadn’t knocked at the door, she thought they would have burned the fire all the time.
She didn’t want this desk, and Lin Mochen also said that she wouldn’t be wronged, and she wouldn’t be so hasty in completing the first time in their lives.
Lin Mo-chen loosens her breath, and her chest is turbid, and the fundus ink color is rendered thicker and darker.
"No one is allowed to disturb me." Lin Mo-chen rushed out of the door with anger and hoarse voice.
Lu sorrow stretched out his hand and took his face, and his ink hair was a little messy, with a naughty drop on his forehead, which was even more handsome and threatening.
"It’s time to take cold medicine after taking acacia medicine." Lu You woke up and even her voice was very soft.
Lin Mochen smiled and reached out and pinched her face. "Do you think I will give you a cold?"
I just thought about kissing her and forgot about it.
"Then we are in the same boat." Lu You touched his perfect and firm facial lines with his fingers and felt the perfection given to him by the creator. "And I am willing."
Lin Mochen held the back of her head with one hand and then put his forehead against her forehead. "Mrs. Lin likes this kiss very much. It’s beautiful and sweet. After that, give me more medicine. You are my only antidote."
The most poisonous female figure/Empress Xia
Miss Xi’s regiment was forced to die by her fiance and family on the day of engagement, and then she opened her eyes! Become a notorious, no one wants the assistant minister’s office.
What? Take a break before marriage? Dare to divorce her? Xi Yihan is either blind or an idiot.
Father dotes on his concubine and kills his wife? Sister Shu wants to climb on her?
Hum, once bitten by a dog, can you let the dog bite again?
Practice hard in the workplace. Fight one heart breaker, two Bai Lianhua, and three evil scum. I care about you. Let’s kill one …
Don’t be angry with me if I give you a hug.
Lu sorrow red face pulled a slip shoulder clothes smiled "you really should take medicine"
"Do you want Mrs. Lin to give it?" Lin Mo-chen’s finger touched her red lips kissed by him.
"Didn’t Mr. Lin eat just now? Still so greedy "Lu sorrow stretched out his hand and touched his shirt and was caught by her" or obediently eat your cold medicine "
Then she reached out and picked up the medicine bag that he threw on the table again, and took out the medicine from it again. Then she pulled his palm and put the medicine in his hand, and handed the cup that had just been poured into his hand.
"Give me the medicine quickly or else-"Lu Yu threatened him.