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When I first met Xiao Jin, he said that his uncle cooked delicious food. Later, although he said it was for his uncle, I was also looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to taste it later. I didn’t expect Ye Xiangyuan to prepare breakfast himself today.
I can’t help looking at the past.
Ye Xiangyuan leaned over to my side and asked, "Is it good?"
I can’t help smiling "hmm"
There are a few side dishes on the dining table, presumably made by him. I took a sip that was light but delicious.
After eating, Ye Xiangyuan went to give Xiao Jin a break. I quickly explained to my parents, "… I just want to try with him if it doesn’t work out."
My parents looked at each other, showing deep concern under their eyes.
But I didn’t say much after all.
After all, the wedding is coming and the invitations have been sent out, and they have no objection.
I’m a little glad I didn’t tell them that Ye Xiangyuan and I even got a marriage certificate, otherwise they would feel even worse.
Good parents are very reasonable and love me, otherwise I will definitely break their hearts if I go my own way.
As far as I’m concerned, Ye Xiangyuan took Xiaojinlou.
The two are wearing simple white shirts and jeans, and they are handsome.
It’s the first time I saw Ye Xiangyuan dressed like this, less dignified and indifferent on weekdays and more youthful.
Xiao Jin suddenly raised his hand and said, "Aunt, change quickly! We wear the same! "
I didn’t notice that his hand turned out to be a dress.
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan.
He looked at me quietly with deep eyes.
Without words, my face burned unconsciously, and I quickly took the shirt and ran back to my room to change it.
When I wait for Lou Xiaojin to clap my hands and cheer, "Auntie, all five of us are the same!"
I just found out that my parents also changed their clothes and looked complicated.
When we go out together, everyone can know that our family …
My mood suddenly became flying.
Then my parents drove away first, and Ye Xiangyuan and I sent Xiaojin to kindergarten.
Xiaojin took off her shoes and cushions, looked out through the window, pointed to the roadside scene and asked me, "Aunt, what flower is that?"
I introduced him to "That’s Magnolia grandiflora … That’s …"
He was very happy and pointed to the sky. "Aunt, I saw a bird! I think it’s a sparrow … "
He smiled softly and the car echoed.
It’s just the weather outside, and the summer sun is shining on the window frame by frame, and occasionally the shadows of trees are reflected and cast a mottled light and shadow.
At this moment, I feel a kind of peace and calm that I have never had before.
When I got to the kindergarten, several cars stopped at the back.
I know that’s a bodyguard.
Recently, both my parents and I have been accompanied by bodyguards when they go out.
At first, I was not used to it, but Ye Xiangyuan was also wary of our opponents in the dark.
It pains me to think that Xiaojin has lived in this environment since she was a child.
After the car, Ye Xiangyuan and I sent Xiaojin to the kindergarten gate.
In a short distance, Xiao Jin was very happy. He walked in the middle, holding our hands and legs.
Ye Xiangyuan seems to have also been affected, and his lips are tilted with a soft arc.
I watched him enter the classroom and Ye Xiangyuan and I just got back to the car.
Grandma Xiao Jin laughed at the silence in the carriage without her.
I was embarrassed to find a topic for no reason. "Have you finished your work?"
Ye Xiangyuan turned to look at me and said nothing.
I dare not look him in the eye.
He suddenly gave me a low smile and pinned my forehead hair behind my ears. "I’m sorry that there are so many things in the army recently that I don’t have time to accompany you to choose a wedding dress …"
I know he is busy.
How can I blame Ye Sanye for being busy with his layout?
He suddenly held my face and looked at me quietly for a while. "There is something I want to discuss with you … Will you quit your job when we get married?"
I am dazed.
In fact, I have never considered resigning. After all, the career of a university teacher is not too bad, and I struggled to stay in school.
But he didn’t continue to look at me.
I remember the reason he gave when he first got married was that Xiaojin liked me and he wanted me to help take care of Xiaojin.
桑拿论坛So that’s what he should mean now.
I find that I can’t give an answer and I’m silent.
He touched my face in a gentle and low voice. "You can open a shop or just stay at home … It’s hard to be a teacher."
I held his hand and rubbed his cheek against his palm. "I’m white … let me think, okay?"
He kissed me on the forehead and stopped pushing me.
It’s not that I can’t promise, and I’m not angry. I’m also willing to take care of Xiaojin.
It’s just … I never thought I would quit my job and be a housewife one day …
I can’t turn the corner.
Maybe it was because I was depressed and the leaves fell far away, and I kissed my forehead and smiled. "We’ll go on our honeymoon after the wedding … where do you want to go?"
I am shocked again.
I decided to join him and sign an agreement with him, so I didn’t expect to have a wedding and blessing like ordinary women, let alone ask for it.
But I did it all.
It was an accident that he was willing to give me a grand wedding. I didn’t expect a honeymoon …