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These shipping giants are not short of money. They have an amazing amount of wealth in their hands. Although the fishermen in the front line are poor, they have created countless wealth. Here, they don’t have to worry about money. They lack women, especially women.

However, when these scum looked at Xia Xue with lewd eyes, it would soon come to give them news of reducing fire-Captain Zhao was knocked unconscious and his head was bleeding. If not, it would be estimated that he would become a corpse by dawn!
Hearing this news, several people were surprised and looked at Xia Xueshi again. They dared not despise the original rose with thorns! If you are not careful, you will prick your finger.
"Yes! Little girl! " A guy with the strongest desire for sex approached me first and set off an evil smile at the corner of his mouth. "I’ll teach you well if you are so provocative!" "
"No, according to the old rules, whoever wins will play first!" Another way to stop it
夜网论坛"Be fair to the old rules!" There is another attachment.
So Xia Xue was horrified to find that she became a human being, and these scum instantly finished the result of her disposal-whoever won played with her first!
Captain Zhao was sent to the hospital, but it didn’t make these hormone-excess men give up their desires. On the contrary, her provocative and disobedient behavior aroused them.
Several men fought on the spot, and whoever won took her away!
Xia Xue, of course, won’t wait for them to play the result honestly. She wants to escape, but she is stopped by those bodyguards with real guns and bullets.
The fight lasted for about ten minutes, but they didn’t fight with each other. When they felt tired or overwhelmed, they took the initiative to stop. The first stop meant giving up.
In the end, the man with the biggest face and the fiercest look won the beauty. He laughed proudly. "I’m sure I can train Lao Zhao to stick to her!" Come and see me in the morning! "
Xia Xue calmed down. She saw the man with a gun in his waist. If he grabbed his gun while he was unprepared … She was capable of protecting herself! Because Robin taught her to shoot and praised her for her good shooting.
The man strode towards Xia Xue, and he couldn’t wait for the smell. Before he touched Xia Xue’s skirts, he heard a tumultuous step.
"Zheng Mi is coming!" Someone shouted for more than one time, and everyone was nervous.
Soon, a man with a white face and a more gentle appearance came over and looked around. Xia Xue’s face stayed a little (almost all men here turned a blind eye to her, mainly because the women inside were too rare), which ordered all the people on the scene, "General Manager Wu sent a message to send the spies caught to him immediately. He wants to interrogate them himself!"
Zheng Mi says it’s Mandarin. He looks like he’s from China!
Hear the boss has made the man ready to seize Xia Xue retract his hand and turned around and replied, "People have been arrested! Just wait for it! Since Mr. Wu is anxious to interrogate him overnight, I will send him there now! "
While the man spoke negligently, Xia Xue avoided the man with his flexibility in practicing dance since childhood, and quickly ran to the side of the man who just looked more gentle and white, and grabbed him "take me away! I want to see you, General Manager Wu! Please take me to see him! "
Although I can’t figure out who Mr. Wu is, and I don’t know whether he is round or flat, it is much better to know that he is the most noble in this group of people. At least she can directly find the most noble man. Even if she can’t escape the fate of being humiliated, it is much better than being robbed by so many men
She deeply understands what will happen if these men wait for her! She may be played by them in turn until she is completely rejected.
Zheng Mi didn’t expect that Xia Xue would go directly over those men and hold him tightly, which made him very proud. When he came in, he looked at Xia Xue’s face several times and wondered where this woman came from. She is different from the local women in Myanmar. Her skin is white and beautiful, and she looks like domestic products.
At this time, seeing Xia Xue holding him, he touched her hands unceremoniously and smiled and said, "We always don’t like women, so why don’t you follow me! If you say you want to follow me, I will take you away! "
Although this secret Zheng doesn’t look like a good man, he looks less gentle than those nasty faces. Xia Xue wants to get out of this dangerous area and immediately nods and promises, "You take me to see you, Mr. Wu. If he doesn’t want me, I will follow you?"
Zheng’s secret really kept his word and really took Xia Xue to leave, which inspired him to be democratic, but he dared to be angry and dare not speak. I can see that this Zheng’s secret position before Mr. Wu is unusual and they can’t afford to offend.
Summer snow see a line of deputy armed bodyguards with gao zhicheng pushing him forward is not very puzzled "what to catch him? Is it illegal for him to save me? "
"We arrested him not because he saved you, but …" Speaking of which, Zheng Mi shut up and obviously didn’t want to reveal too many details to Xia Xue, saying, "You don’t understand these things! A woman needs a bed to serve a good man. Don’t ask too many questions! "
"…" Xia Xue bite bite lips afraid angered the person, he sent her back to swallow full belly words.
These people are all equally arrogant, even if this looks like a scholar Zheng Mi talking and doing things, it is also a bandit. This barbaric situation seems to be strong, and it is the only one who is so strong. If you keep silent, the situation will be worrying.
Section 229
What about general manager Wu? It should be the representative of barbarians! Although I haven’t seen this person yet, it’s not hard for Xia Xue to imagine what kind of virtue Mr. Wu will be if he looks at Zheng’s secret virtue. I heard that this person doesn’t like women. Isn’t he different from these people?
Wu is always her last hope. If only she could say that he sent her to Jimmy!
After walking for about ten minutes, I came to the cleanest and most gorgeous building in the whole harbor. This should be General Wu’s residence! Xia Xue behind zheng secret know that the front is the deep end of the deep end, can also put the heart a horizontal righteousness to rush forward.
Step by step, the marble floor feels cool, and the decoration inside is very luxurious and has a strong China style
If you ignore the outside environment and enter here directly, people will return to the BCCHK office building by mistake.
Manager Wu is from China! Xia Xue can make a positive judgment almost immediately, because Zheng Mi is from China, and now he sees that Wu Zong’s residence is China style, and Wu Zong must be from China!