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Yu Tingchuan drove and looked at the road ahead and chatted with the whole Song Dynasty. "She doesn’t like joie like her mother’s treatment of children. She doesn’t want you to hear something bad in the ward."

The second half of the sentence is explanation
Song Qingcheng said to be honest, I’m not that petty.
Besides, there were others in the ward at that time, not him and Mu Qingyu alone.
Yu Mu Qingyu’s feelings for joie Song Qingcheng heard Yu Tingchuan say "I don’t like it", which was somewhat unexpected, but it seems reasonable when you think about it carefully.
A long time ago, Lao Zhao told her that joie’s shirt arm was bruised at the airport, saying it was a fall.
Lao Zhao didn’t understand the meaning of Song Qingcheng in the words at that time.
But that’s also Lao Zhao’s conjecture
Years ago, joie was suddenly sent back to China wearing short sleeves and appeared at the door of the villa without an accompanying caregiver. Song Qingcheng felt that the child’s mother was that kind of listening attitude, which is why joie would take care of the child more when she was in Nancheng.
Song Qingcheng asked, "Does that mean that joie will be the southern city?"
"Wait for the mother’s reply."
Yutingchuan didn’t hide it from her.
The intersection touches a red light, and the black Land Rover slowly stops.
Yu Tingchuan’s eyes cast on her face, depicting the outline of her five senses, and her opening speech also revealed a touch of gentleness. "Will joie be unhappy if she stays in Nancheng?"
"…" The whole song dynasty was puzzled.
I don’t want to lie to him for a short silence. She honestly said, "Are you unhappy with Gao? If joie stays in Nancheng, there are some problems. For example, I have to reconsider whether the child will stay in Nancheng temporarily or live with us or live in the old house after staying here. If I have a baby with me, can I treat joie equally for a long time? Will there be conflicts?"
Yu Tingchuan said, "The child will stay with his grandfather when he stays."
"Has it been decided?"
夜网论坛The red light jumped to the green light before speaking.
Yu Tingchuan turned the steering wheel for half a turn. "There will be more and more problems in raising children. I thought it was fine for children to follow their mothers before, but now it may be a mistake."
Listen, he said that the whole Song Dynasty was more understanding.
Understanding is because I heard Yu Tingchuan’s headache.
I tasted it a little bit because I remembered Mu Qingyu saying that smoking was Yutingchuan.
This man has become Mu Qingyu’s smoking addiction over the years.
Song Qingcheng’s throat seems uncomfortable. After clearing his throat, he looked sideways. "If I wanted you to quit smoking, would you quit?"
The sudden change of topic made Yu Tingchuan laugh. "Didn’t I quit smoking now?"
"Who was smoking outside the inpatient department just now?"
Yu Tingchuan pulled her hand and held her leg while driving. "Quitting smoking is a step-by-step process. It’s normal not to ask for a cigarette once in a while. You can’t ask carnivores to turn around and eat grass, can you?"
"You’re being unreasonable."
Song Qingcheng answered without giving face.
Yu Tingchuan smiled and watched her hold the girl’s hand at the same time. "I still have an unreasonable position in front of you."
I cann’t argue with this man, but he set her up again
The whole song dynasty withdrew his hand and turned to look at the window, which proved to be unreasonable.
In the hospital ward
Mu Qingyu sat by the window and quietly looked at the dark night outside.