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"I miss you so much, I miss you so much, and my heart hurts." The quiet valley is like a clear spring, and the sound sounds good.

Shuiyunjin breathed a meal, and her mouth pulled and she didn’t speak.
"Let’s go back to Beijing and see Mom and Dad another day." Huangfuda’s voice is soft enough to melt water.
ShuiYunJin still didn’t speak HuangFuDa painstakingly. She couldn’t tell whether she was nodding or shaking her head. She found it difficult to turn her hands over the rain.
"Hibiscus, I’m back. Do you smell the fragrance of Du Ruo? You said that Du Ruo is also your favorite. Now I’ll come back to see you with it." Huangfuda coaxed softly and gently.
Shui Yunjin closed her eyes for a long time. She frowned and stretched out her hand to push away Huangfuda. "You already know what you said, but I can’t answer a word. Are you satisfied?"
Huangfuda’s face was frozen, and she hugged Shuiyunjin again. Her eyes were firm. "You don’t say anything, and I don’t want to know anything. I want you to come with me, don’t think about anything, and give everything to me."
"The fact is the fact that you can’t believe I have promised." Shuiyunjin also looked at Huangfuda firmly.
"Promise, don’t say that you promised, even if the emperor always promised to ask me to ask Huangfuda not to promise, then you are not my wife. Who dares to take you away from me? If I meet a god, I will kill a Buddha and kill a god unless I die." Huangfuda’s anger suddenly rose.
Shuiyunjin said firmly without blinking, "I agreed if you didn’t agree, and now it’s not you. I can stop you and I will."
"I don’t want to hear these words. Nothing can stop me from believing in heaven and earth. You are everything to me. If I can’t keep you, what else can I have? You know that he threatened you in advance. You just admit that I just want to strangle you and then strangle me when I think about it. We are husband and wife. How can you just promise him to tell me what you think?" Huang Fudai felt that his heart was pierced by a sword and the pain was unbearable.
Shuiyunjin also tore a mouth. When Huangfuda said this, she should have waited for her heartache, but it would hurt even more if she had reached this point. "You don’t know how dangerous the night in Beijing was. You can’t imagine how desperate I was. What else can I do? He saved the capital. Even if he is calculating, it is not a kind of taste, and at that time I can’t refuse. Now that I have promised, I must fulfill my promise. Wouldn’t it be a loss of his sincerity?"
"Say it again" Huangfuda’s cloudy eyes locked with water clouds and hibiscus as if the sun would be covered by dark clouds at any moment.
Shui Yunjin’s heart is tight, but she still stubbornly looks at Huangfuda. "Say those words again. Anyway, I have made it clear to you, and then you stay away from me."
品茶论坛"You, you woman, do you have to hurt me like this? I don’t believe a word you said. Just because he helped you can make you promise him that you were so gullible when you were in Shuiyunjin. If you think he saved you, I’ll give it back to him. When I give it back to him, I won’t listen to you say anything that hurts more than killing me."
Huangfuda’s big hand clenched into a fist, and his white knuckles were clearly exposed. He suddenly turned around.
A panic in Shuiyunjin’s eyes quickly pulled Huangfuda, but it was Huangfuda’s hand that lifted the moire sleeves from her fingers. She was frightened and hurriedly chased before Huangfuda. "What are you crazy about?"
"It’s good to be crazy without heartache. Shuiyunjin, you are my wife. What do you think of yourself?" Huangfudi’s voice was full of pain.
Shuiyunjin felt afraid to look into Huangfudan’s eyes again. "It is good that the wife or the goods are valuable."
"You’re really good, you’re a water cloud." Huangfuda’s voice was gnashing her teeth.
Asking for a ticket, asking for a ticket:
Chapter 136 You want to be beautiful (one more)
The cold wind is blowing in the quiet valley, but shaving doesn’t feel like a cold day. It’s beautiful, blue and charming. The sun shines on the two of them. It’s like a beautiful glass with a translucent double.
Huangfuda’s eyes are bottomless, and her face is dark and secretly fixed. If he is not sure that the person in front of him is someone else, is he really such a cruel woman or not?
"I’m going to ask you one last time whether you want to come with me or not."
"If I say I don’t go with you, you will be dead." Shuiyun Park is as light as water and looks at Huangfuda without blinking.
Huangfuda’s eyes were suddenly stained with waves, and he thought that he might feel better if he strangled this woman.
Shuiyunjin seems to be very angry when she sees him pursed his mouth. According to his usual pride and inviolability, if she says yes, he will turn around and leave for a long time. She swallows her saliva and gets up the courage. "Let’s go home after you go."
If the words fell into the water, Yunjin stopped watching him twist his head and leave his heart, and the tear spread. She didn’t care that the pain became clearer and more numb, and it wouldn’t hurt after it was endured.
"You want to be beautiful" suddenly came an angry voice behind him.
Shuiyunjin’s feet suddenly seemed to be shocked by those words and forgot to respond at the moment.
As soon as she froze and froze, a pulling force pulled her back. She suddenly returned to the warmth with Du Ruo fragrance. The overhead sounded again. "Shuiyunji is extremely heavy and heavy." Listen to me, even if you are heartless, even if you hurt me and abandon me, I am not ready to let go of you. Whether you planted my hand or I planted your hand, we can all fight to the death.
You can’t lose me. I want to do something. I don’t want to get it. Don’t say that you are my woman. Even if I don’t, I will take you back. Even if you don’t want to, I won’t hesitate to show up in front of me. I am no longer a former Huangfuda. You made me love you. You made me crazy. My heart is full of you. I can’t take it back. "
Huang Fu’s handsome face is freezing with a biting chill. He doesn’t know how to suppress his anger, but no matter what happens, he knows that he can’t live without this woman, because she will haunt her when she dies, because she is good, she is bad, she is cruel and her indifference is not enough to let him let go. If he hates her and lets him let go, he would rather let her hurt him. She is fooling around. He already loves this woman so much that he can’t help himself. What can he say if he recognizes who can’t let him leave her?
"What do you mean by this?" Shuiyunjin seems to be surprised. This is not that she knows Huangfuda.
"Is that you can think of those meanings" Huangfuda eyebrows.
ShuiYunJin is very surprised to see HuangFuDa heart is depressed "HuangFuDa bullying endless, right? I am married to you and not sold to you, why do you depend on me so justly?"
Huangfuda gently hummed an eyebrow eye. "I’m so confident. Who told you if I wanted to? I should have told you earlier that I should have married you, and I should have let you learn the precepts every day. I also have to memorize the three women from the four virtues 500 times a day. I’m just too used to letting you have sex. Speaking of it, it’s all my fault. I can swallow my own woman with bitter water. If I don’t listen, I can accommodate myself. Who let you be my own woman?"
"Huangfuda, are you crazy? If you dare to treat me like that, I will wait until now." Shuiyunjin immediately fried the goods, which is definitely not Huangfuda.
"If you dare to run back, I’ll find a rope to tie you to the bed so that you can’t get out of bed for a generation." Huangfuda tied her waist with water clouds and hibiscus, and a pair of deep eyes went out with some kind of repressed feelings.
"Shame on you" Shui Yunjin’s face instantly dyed hongxia.