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ShuiYunJin face some LengJiangYu qi is caught them and HuangFuHang hostile Gary, although he said is good, but his wily calculation idea from the start, they have to say it’s a computer to the best of my mind.

"The princess of the county doesn’t have to look at me like this. I am also forced by Nai. I didn’t mean to drag you in, but you have long been in this game. The king of the county is the royal prince, and the Chu palace is loyal to the emperor to defend the territory. I don’t want to see Changyong being taken away by this conspiracy in the future."
Jiang Yu prayed for the deep eyes of three people, and for a moment he added, "With the absolute position of Nanliang, Jiang Qiuwu and Wang Mu will not achieve it. Once Jiang Qiuwu gains power, the whole Nanliang will be in the hands of their mother and daughter, and then unfortunately not only Nanliang but also you Changyong."
"Pray for the king not to talk about the recent situation of Nanliang" Huangfuda seems to be not surprised at all.
Jiang Yu qi gave a wry smile again. Huangfuda must have known the current situation of the Southern Liang Dynasty Hall, which is also his own necessity this time. He was ready to touch everything in this capital and sat here now facing Huangfuda. Are these three people accommodating? Now he is holding the cross the rubicon without delay.
"Let’s start with what Tianshi said. He is the most good at researching drugs and raising methods in southern Xinjiang. He is Qi Guifei’s confidant. Qi Guifei is Jiang Qiuwu’s mother princess."
Jiang Yuqi’s long voice made Shuiyun Park appear in the mind of this Qi Guifei. Qi Guifei’s humble status was "all coincidences" at that time when the imperial secretary was around Queen Nanliang. Now, Jiang Qiuwu was pushed out and suppressed by the Queen, but the Queen died of a sudden illness two years later. Qi Guifei became the most special woman in the eyes of Emperor Nanliang, and then she gave birth to an emperor. Now she is sitting firmly in the harem. Nanliang is very important. Plus, she has an emperor who wants to be the throne. Jiang Yuqi, although the means are not bad. The purpose of this visit is not to be attacked between Scylla and Charybdis again. "I think you all know that Qi Guifei is cruel and unscrupulous. She secretly woos the minister of the DPRK, and even her father gives her everything she wants. In recent years, my father has been depressed and distracted. I have secretly sought medical advice from my father. As a result, my father’s physical loss has been cured for a long time." Jiang Yu’s prayer is a little heavy
Shuiyun Hibiscus immediately understood the meaning of Jiang Yu’s prayer when she heard the Five Stone Powder. The Five Stone Powder was originally used to make men and women sexually excited, but once it was excessively harmful to the body and the Southern Liang Emperor was old and addicted, it had already been taken out. Now the Southern Liang Dynasty and Jiang Yu prayed for Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter to confront each other. Once Jiang Yu’s prayer lost power, the whole Southern Liang became Jiang Qiuwu’s mother and daughter. Then Huang Fuhang could borrow the strength of the Southern Liang, and they could even turn the next Yangcheng upside down to eliminate dissidents. The consequences have to say that Jiang Yu’s prayer was really done.
"You really played well. Jiang Qiuwu asked Huangfuhang to join hands with you. You are weak and want to drag us around so big a bend. You said that you want to marry Gu Chenxi just to provoke the world to watch you play a good show and achieve your goal a little bit. You are very proud." Chu Chengxuan thought about being calculated by Jiang Yuqi and was uncomfortable all over.
"Even if I didn’t come to Changyong, the Chu people will leave her alone. Do you still want to let her go once you confirm Jiang Qiuwu’s identity? Will the emperor still be able to borrow soldiers for Jiang Qiuwu? The king of the county doesn’t care about the disappearance of the princess of the county even if he doesn’t have many plot attacks and hostility over the years. In the future, he will let the princess of the county go." Jiang Yuqi raised his eyebrows and smiled at Huang Fu.
"Pray for the king to stop showing off his eloquence and scheming. The fact is that the fact requires you to repeat it. You should have thought before you came that if we didn’t buy it." Shuiyunjin raised her eyebrows slightly.
"Yes, but I’m sure the king of Lei County has already made plans." At Huangfu Lei Jiang Yu’s prayer means a deep look.
Huangfuda’s face is pale and you can’t see the mood.
But Shuiyunjin recognized Jiang Yu’s prayer, and she knew more about Huangfuda’s plan that Changyong would not be handed over to Huangfuhang in the future. Huangfuda has been preparing for it all these years, but she didn’t expect that Huangfuda had calculated so much. No wonder he made a thorough investigation of the situation in several countries. This man’s scheming strategy has gone against the sky.
"I’m a trap, even if I didn’t go to the county, the king would have hit me in the head, wouldn’t he?"
Jiang Yu qi looked at Huangfuda’s light complexion and thought that Huangfuda was the most hidden thing. He was calm here and didn’t see the slightest flaw, but he had long been calculated by him unconsciously. It was shocking enough that even if he was the one who was benefited, he would be desperate so that he would have more chances.
Huangfuda raised his eyebrows slightly. He looked at Shuiyunjin thoughtfully and stretched out his hand and took her hand.
"Now the princess of the county should not doubt my heart. The most wily is your man. Compared with me, he is simply innocent and can’t be innocent. Since I entered Yangcheng the next year, he let people secretly follow me. That’s because he wants to see how much my business is enough to make him benefit." Jiang Yuqi washed his white clothes in due course.
Shuiyunjin raised an eyebrow at Huangfuda, and her eyes were as funny as the deep sea. This is what Huangfuda can do.
"Don’t blame me for not telling you in advance." Huangfuda sounded shallow.
Shui Yun-jin left her pie mouth, but it’s nothing to be surprised about. Now think about the messengers from all over the world who came to Beijing. He seems to be too indifferent. It seems that he didn’t care about anything. It turned out that he had planned to let so many malicious doors even tonight. She wondered if it was too easy for Jiang Yu-qi to break into the waterside pavilion. It turned out that it was Huangfu-da who deliberately let him in and waited for him to trap himself.
"Well, you can leave me hanging outside without any wind in advance. You don’t even say anything to me." ChuChengXuan was angry and moved to HuangFuDa.
Huangfu Da’s eyes have always been fixed on Shuiyunjin’s face, and she is angry with ChuChengxuan. It seems that she doesn’t smell his meaning, and Shuiyunjin has never thought of him.
Jiang Yu’s low smile was extremely pleasant. "Chu Shi was so absorbed in Miss Gu that she would have lost her heart. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have missed the plan of the king of Lei County. He just wanted to see your real reaction so as not to attract attention. Can anyone see that Hong would miss such a good opportunity that day? Now he is in control of Beijin, but there is one person he should have seen through."
As soon as you listen to Shuiyunjin, you think of Lingxiaoyao. He doesn’t want to count any suspection.i. Among these people, only Huangfudi and Lingxiaoyao are tacitly calm.
"He naturally sees clearly because he doesn’t value these intrigues. If he stays out of it, if there is any change, it won’t be a problem for him to take care of Ling Guo’s share." Chu Chengxuan felt that he was the most wronged. He was kept in the dark, so jealousy made people stupid.
"Chu Shi hasn’t seen anything clearly yet." Jiang Yu’s smile is thick. I can’t recognize whether it’s sarcasm Chu Chengxuan or praise his brain. It’s finally clear
ChuChengXuan face a black, he don’t open your eyes and looked at the HuangFuDa sold all don’t know.
"The world is not as deep as you, and one by one, you are exhausted."
Chu Chengxuan turned to go for a moment, and suddenly he looked back angrily at Jiang Yuqi, "Don’t you dare to try the General’s Office again."
"Chu has a deep affection for Miss Gu. How can I be willing to break up a lover?" Jiang Yu qi smiled gently.
ChuChengXuan cold hum soon disappear waterside pavilion.
"This is your ChuChengXuan completely offended his heart, but Gu Chenxi looks through him these days. You didn’t see it, but you still kept it from him." Shuiyunjin looked at Huangfuda with a smile on his eyebrows.
Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunjin, a little face watching the drama, and the corners of her mouth slightly pulled this woman’s family.
"Gu Chenxi will be fine if he can’t run away."
It’s strange that Shuiyun Park left the pie mouth. General Gu has already been secretly married to Xu Chucheng Xuan. Now I’m afraid I have to wait again. Chu Chengxuan is so angry that his stomach hurts.
"Finally, I’ve seen the king of the county, and it’s really admirable that people around me are so partial to each other." Although Jiang Yuqi’s eyes are fixed, the two faces are intertwined, but they still feel shocked in their hearts.
Huangfuda regards the woman in her arms as a treasure, which can be worth his discoloration and anger. Even if there is a slight change, there will be water clouds and hibiscus. A man so extraordinary and deep is so addicted to loving a woman so much. conan the destroyer
Shuiyunjin couldn’t resist the snow and laughed out Jiang Yu’s prayer. She could naturally hear it. It means that Huangfuda is so black, and it doesn’t matter if Chu Chengxuan will be so angry that he will scratch the wall and he seems a little unkind to himself.
品茶论坛"It’s time for you to go." Huangfuda raised an eyebrow and looked at Jiang Yu’s praying eyes.
Jiang Yu qi corners of the mouth instantly evoked a smile. "Then don’t disturb the king of the county."
Words fell on his sleeve and strode away.
Water cloud park looked at Jiang Yu qi leave figure repeatedly turned over several supercilious look dog mouth spit out a good word.
"Woman, let’s go to bed and talk about the Duke of Zhou." Huangfuda looked at Shuiyunxi’s bowl and raised her thin lips. She turned her hands and her arms tightened. Shuiyunxi had been picked up by him and walked towards the room.
Shui Yunjin depressed the Duke of Zhou. Why didn’t he say he was greedy? "Don’t insult me if I’m surnamed Huangfu. I haven’t got even with you yet."
"Then I’ll figure it out first, and then let’s figure out the Duke of Zhou’s problem before settling accounts with me." Huangfuda kept walking straight towards the room.
"What is not my first calculation?" Shuiyun Park stared at Huangfuda and waited for him to figure out the problem. She still had the strength to settle accounts with him.
"Because I’m more anxious than you," said Huangfu Daiyi sternly, and Shuiyun Hibiscus has been pressed by him.
"You are in a hurry." Shuiyun Park felt her body soft and her weight crossed the black line on her forehead.
"It’s good to know that you haven’t been tired these days, but you’ve let you meet other men in your dreams. You’ll never have such an opportunity again." Huangfuda’s eyes are undulating like ink, and the dim light tightly locks the water clouds and hibiscus, and she bends over her thin lips and presses them accurately and wrongly, like a storm sweeping through him. With a wave of her hand, she slides down with a light-colored curtain to cover the beautiful scenery of the room.