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"Miss Feng, it’s really unfair for you to talk like this. Shopping malls and companies are all competing for giant ink and Chi’s. Besides, this competition is not that you want to have children. It has always been true. It has not been amplified by you like today and it has been personal. Now, just because you want to have children, you have buckled such a big hat. Chief Lin is really more complaining than Dou E. Don’t be so random, okay? Public and private points have a little conscience. "Su Man’s tone is cold and eloquent, but he is disgusted with Feng Jing from the heart.

She is really angry but Feng Jingjing is so arrogant that she really won’t give her some color to see if she is really weak.
Gu Na inclined to stretch his long arm and casually set up the back of the chair behind Su Man with a casual smile. "Miss Feng, after listening to it for a long time, I just didn’t know why you had children and ministers." Mrs. Chen is Lu You and your husband is Lu Song, right? If you want to have a baby, why don’t you just ask your husband to work harder later? If you are not pregnant, it is also your husband’s problem or your personal problem. You and your wife should have a good physical examination and believe in scientific symptomatic drugs, but what does this have to do with me? You can’t let one of his younger brothers help you, can you? It’s against reason and truth! Although this is rough, it is not rough, right? "
He knows that there are some words that Lin Mochen can’t say because of his identity, and he is an outsider even if he is wrong.
☆ 141 caused Feng Jingjing to betray Chi Yiming.
Gu Nanqing said this with a sarcastic smile in her peach blossom eyes, and a slender finger tip in her right hand held a glass and took a sip of it to her thin lips. It seemed that she was very relaxed and relaxed. It didn’t mean that she would offend people. After all, he and his family were not as close as Lin Mo-chen, even if they offended people, they wouldn’t be afraid. Anyway, they didn’t get along with this family like Lin Mo-chen.
Su Man couldn’t help raising his hand and covering his mouth with a smile when he heard this. It was really Pei Gu Nan who could say such a thing.
In addition to Lin Mo-chen’s worries about Lu and Su Man’s calmness, everyone’s face is not very good-looking, especially Feng Jingjing, who is already ugly to the extreme. Her appearance is already angry enough to swear.
Feng Jingjing resented her eyes and looked Gu Na at his sharp words.
Gu Nan inclined her eyes and didn’t mind looking at her at all. "It’s normal for shopping malls to compete like this. Survival of the fittest is the law of life. This is something that middle school students know. Don’t you understand Miss Feng? The company can’t give up because of Miss Feng, the minister of Chishi’s office, but he is not responsible for his own company, directors and staff! Such a person is not a qualified company lead! There is also a lot of pressure for me to lead such a big company. I hope Miss Feng will be more considerate. "
Lin Mo-chen’s thin lips still maintain his most elegant smile and never mess up. "Giant ink and Chi’s affairs are business. I don’t think I have anything to do with private affairs. I won’t admit that there is anything wrong with what I do, but Miss Feng, you are far-fetched and paranoid."
"It’s impossible for Chi’s in the shopping mall to compete with Giant Ink. Even if Giant Ink doesn’t make moves, his company will make moves. It’s really unwise for Miss Feng to put such a reason into Giant Ink and me."
"Even if what I did, as Miss Feng said, was with personal feelings, I took a breath for Lu and retaliated against Chi Yiming, and he deserved it! Lu you is already my wife, and naturally others don’t covet it! Of course, being a husband with worries about Lu is to protect her from harm and humiliation. It is just Chi Yiming who has ulterior motives and no guts. Such a man is so selfish! I naturally want him to know that my wife can’t threaten me unless others touch a hair! I have to make him pay! And since I have the ability to get justice for my wife, why don’t I do it? "
"this is what a man should do as a husband. I won’t recognize me. It’s never wrong to defend my wife and do things! No matter what you think of me, Miss Feng, I will do what I have to do. "
I know more or less what Chi Yiming is like, especially the Lu family who had a deep contact with him.
The Lushi couple also lost their affection for Chi Yiming. It is expected that he will do things like this. She will not admit that Lin Mo-chen is wrong. He is also defending his daughter for them.
Whether Feng Jingjing talked back or not, it would be beneficial for Lin Mo-chen to do so in business or in private, but if she didn’t have such an effect, if she could let the Lushi couple say that Lin Mo-chen gave up persecuting Chi’s family, then she would have finished getting Chi Yiming’s reward, and then she would be a great hero of Chi’s family and have a brighter future, but now Lin Mo-chen is right, showing that he is a wife and a man is a good man.
So Lin Mo-chen and Chi Yi-ming are two different people.
Chi Yiming’s slag set off Lin Mo-chen’s kindness, but he didn’t have a good impression on Chi Yi-ming. The Lushi couple must be going to Lin Mo’s side. They especially liked him from Lin Mo-chen’s first visit to Lin’s home. Although she now exposed Lin Mo-chen’s identity, she was not hated by the Lushi couple because Lin Mo-chen was a good man.
The most important thing is that he is kind to Lu, which makes the Lushi couple feel at ease.
"Manager Lin, you can’t get away from it anyway. Anyway, it’s because of you that my current situation and process are not important. What matters is the impact of this result on me!" Feng Jingjing’s importunities also provoke the Lushi couple to judge, "Mom and Dad, you can’t be biased because he is your son-in-law. I’m also your daughter-in-law. My epigenetic child is also supported by me and Lu Song, and Lu’s sorrow is to marry her daughter and splash water. She will follow Lin’s surname, Lin, and she can’t care about Lujia’s affairs."
"Although I am a daughter, I have been married, but my parents are more nurturing than the sky. I can’t buy my parents. No matter if I have a bite to eat, my parents will have a bite. I won’t put aside my responsibility." Lu Biao expressed his determination to refute Feng Jingjing
"I said that Lu You’s parents are my parents. We should do our duty. We can’t do anything less. Lu You and I will honor them. What we eat and live in is just as good as they are. Miss Feng really doesn’t have to worry about this. If you don’t want to do your part, I’ll be ok alone." Lin Mochen won’t care about this little money
He can let the Lushi couple enjoy a happy time by himself, which is also his idea. After all, a stingy and mean woman like Feng Jingjing can hardly give the old man a look or feel angry with her, but he really doesn’t care about raising two more old people and is very happy.
"Mom and Dad, are you embarrassed to rely on your daughter’s son-in-law?" Feng Jingjing wanted the Lushi couple to think, "People will say that you have a daughter-in-law who will have gossip when you go to your daughter!"
"Who dares to gossip?" Lu Yong frown deeper "I tell you that your mother and I are old and don’t leave here, and the two of us want to take care of who doesn’t go there! I won’t rely on you and I won’t look for a little worry. "
"Don’t say such things to disturb our thoughts." Li Mei also saw through Feng Jingjing’s real purpose. "I’ll tell you what kind of person Chi Yiming is. Your father and I both know! We can’t do anything to him if he hurt Xiao Yu like this. If we had the ability, your father and I would have killed him! Now what your father can’t do has been done for us by Xiao Lin, and we feel that the breath is gone! Happy mood! And Chi Yiming deserves what he has today! Blame others! "
"What a suck! Now that he knows what it means to have someone outside, it’s time to teach him a lesson. "Lu Yong also echoed Li Mei’s intention to express the evil spirit in his heart." Finally, I took it out for Xiao Yu and stopped being afraid of him! "
How could the Lushi couple be distracted by Feng Jingjing’s words? No matter how they are, they won’t go to maintain outsiders regardless of right and wrong. After all, Lin Mo-chen is already one of their own, and others are excellent and worried about Lu. How can they be wrong about this good son-in-law? Compared with Lin Mo-chen, Feng Jingjing’s daughter-in-law is very low. She has a personality problem, and they didn’t know it today. They certainly won’t be Feng Jingjing’s side.
"Jingjing Chi Yiming and Xiao Lin are worried about Lu. I think you also see that you can’t speak for him because Chi Yiming is your company. What do you take this family as? I sometimes think that you are honest but have no bad thoughts, but today you let me down! " Lu Yong never said much about Feng Jingjing, but today he really saw that Feng Jingjing was more selfish.
He can’t say nothing and let Feng Jingjing do this to Lin Mochen.
Section 131
And they know who is right and who is wrong, and it is impossible for them to be what Feng Jingjing says.
"You just let me down!" Feng Jingjing knew that she was hopeless. She stared at them deeply with hatred. "I know that you now know that your son-in-law is rich in front of you, so you look down on me! I don’t like me because I don’t have a place to give birth, but is this my fault? It’s all his fault! "
Feng Jingjing is still unrepentant and puts all the blame on Lin Mo-chen. She stares at Lin Mo-chen and wishes him to dig out two holes.
"And you, Lu Song!" Feng Jingjing also pointed the finger at Lu Song, who has been silent for all her lines today. "I am your wife and you are my husband. Now when everyone accuses me, you don’t say a word, not a word! Are you still a man? I feel that I am an outsider in this family, and you can’t hide me! I wish I wasn’t the only one in this family, but I was the only one! Lu Song, you coward, you spineless man! What do I have to follow you! "
Lu Songtan is deeply disappointed and struggling with Feng Jingjing. "Before Feng Jingjing came, I told you not to listen to these things. You insisted on not listening to them. No matter what way he tried to be a wife-defending man, I think I praised him! And I didn’t say a word for you. That’s because you were wrong. You helped an outsider for your own family! You should reflect on what you did today! Get forgiveness from my parents and Lin, instead of being so stubborn and wrong again! "
"Liu Song! You bastard! " Feng Jingjing was going crazy. She fucked up the table and threw the juice cup at Liu Song.
Liu Songze stood still and smashed himself, spilling an orange juice glass and breaking it into a pile of glass.
Feng Jingjing angrily picked up her handbag, turned around and left, and slapped the door with great force.
"Bang" shook everyone’s nerves and everyone was silent.
Lu Yong and Li Mei looked at each other with sad eyes and lost eyes. Finally, they shook their heads and sighed.
Lu Yong looked at Gu Nanqing and Su Man and explained, "It’s time for everyone to have a good meal together after a long journey to the south. Today, it really makes you laugh. Don’t mind sitting down."
Gu Nanqing and Su Man both shook their heads. "Uncle, every family has a hard time chanting scriptures, and today Miss Feng is picking on you and we are really very happy that you can’t have dinner in Lujia. We are all embarrassed if you don’t say such things."
"Thank you so much for understanding," said Liu Yongdao.
"Gu and I are always good friends of Xiao You and Lin, and we should not be strangers." Su Man is also sweet and doesn’t want to have a burden on the Lushi couple.
"We are quiet when Miss Feng is gone, but we can have a good meal. Go on." Gu Nanqing is seated. "I haven’t enjoyed this wine yet, uncle. Drink it quickly. I’ll fill it for you."
Gu Na took the bottle and poured it for Lu Yong. At this time, Lu Song was silent. He knelt straight in front of his parents and bowed his head like a child who made a mistake.
Everyone was surprised. Lu Yong said in front of Lu Song, "Komatsu, what are you doing? Get up."
"My parents are my unfilial, but I didn’t manage Jingjing well. It’s my fault. I don’t care if you hit me or scold me. I want you not to be angry. It’s important for your health." Lu Song felt that all the mistakes were his own.
Lu Song’s heart ached when he looked at his parents, and his father had a good birthday party, so it was hard for him to correct his mistakes.
Lu Yong stretched out his hand to hold Liu Song before kneeling, only to find that he actually ran away from the broken glass. In his heart, he felt a pain. "Komatsu quickly got up and plunged into the glass."
Lu Song didn’t want to get up. "It’s not my fault. I can feel at ease on my knees. I knew she was going to say these words before I came here today, but I couldn’t stop her. Instead, I let her and the outside world deal with Lin Zong and her own sister, and let Dad’s birthday bureau become like this. Tell her that I’m not a man. I didn’t. I didn’t do what a man should do."
Lu Song said that the more excited he was, the more guilty he felt. He raised his hand and slapped himself in the face. It seemed that only in this way could he feel better and explain something to his parents.
"It’s not your fault. It’s Jingjing. She’s wrong. She’s too selfish and unprincipled. She’s elbow turned outward. It’s outrageous that she should come with Chi Yiming to target her family." Li Mei heard that Liu Song actually knelt on the broken glass and hurt her mother’s heart.
Li Mei also quickly got up from his seat to help Liu Song.
"Mom, don’t touch." Lu You cried out to help her and then said to Lin Mo-chen, "Lin Mo-chen helped my eldest brother up."
品茶论坛Lin Mochen helped Liu Song to get up from the ground in the previous step, and Gu Nanqing also came to help help help Liu Song to sit by the sofa.
They saw small pieces of glass pricking his legs and blood staining his pants.
Lu Yong and Li Mei looked at their hearts and felt uncomfortable.
Lu sorrow is squatting in front of Lu Song. "Eldest brother, please bear with me and look at it for you."
"Don’t worry about me," said Lu Song, feeling no pain.
"How can I leave you alone? It will make my parents sad." Lu You looked at her parents’ hearts.
At this time, Su Man has helped to bring the first aid kit over and open it for Lu You to hand her something.
But Lu first pinched out the fragments from his wound with forceps. Fortunately, the glass fragments were not too big or too deep. There was no need to sew up the wound, clean it, disinfect it and then bandage it with medicine.
After everything is done, Lu You took everything back to the first aid kit. "Brother, you’d better not get wet with this wound and don’t take a shower these days. It’s a good thing that you can wipe it. It’s not very hot. You can also last for a few days. You can’t drive back today. Just stay here with your parents and stay in my room."
After the confession, they were not in the mood to eat, so they scattered everyone back to their homes one by one.
They are all determined to erase all the unhappiness from their minds today.