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Chuyan is Zhang Shaoyan with Zhang Shaoyan put her to a similar to the ground room pointed to the inside.

"We must not lose. It’s hidden here. You go in first. I’ll go out and have a look. I’ll come later."
Chu Yan was tired after running for a while, but she didn’t think much about hiding. "Then be careful and go in."
Something is wrong. As soon as she walked in, the door was tightly closed behind her.
ChuYan a surprised busy ran past patting children "Zhang Shaoyan what are you doing you open the door? Why are you locking the door? Zhang Shaoyan"
Zhang Shaoyan smiled outside. "Don’t worry, you and Ling always stay inside. Wait until early in the morning and we’ll let you out immediately." Said Zhang Shaoyan and walked away with a smile.
"Hey, hey, Zhang Shaoyan, Zhang Shaoyan," Chuyan, how can you beat the door and have no response? Wait, don’t you have this inside?
"Don’t waste your energy" is thinking that a voice suddenly sounded behind you.
"Ah" ChuYan frighten immediately squat down to hold the head.
At ChuYan LingQishan couldn’t help being dazed for a moment and then smiled "You are not so timid."
ChuYan this listen to looked up and then looked at LingQiShan frown asked "how are you"
LingQiShan instantaneous cold face "how do you still think of MoChengKun"
Chu Yan was said to choke and then couldn’t help saying, "Is this what you did on purpose?"
I can’t help it. There are too many ghosts in Lingqi Mountain. I’m afraid she really wants to figure it out. Lingqi Mountain may have done it.
Ling Qishan couldn’t help feeling angry when he heard it. "I am such a pervert in your heart."
ChuYan noncommittally LingQiShan looked at is not more annoyed.
He shook his head and continued, "well, let me ask you, if it were you, would you be crazy and leave yourself alone in the basement for a night? I’m not crazy. Why should I do that?"
ChuYan a listen to not on second thought "oh".
But I still can’t help but whisper, "Who knows what you think?"
LingQiShan instantaneous language he walked to the side to sit gave.
"All right, all right, whatever. You can think whatever you want." Then he pointed to the side and said, "Here’s a bed. You can sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa."
Although it is a basement, after all, it is this luxury yacht. Even the basement is much better than his yacht room.
Chu Yan was a little touched. I didn’t expect LingQishan to be a gentleman.
The two men also talked, each with something on his mind, one lying in bed and the other lying on the sofa.
Nothing is said, but it seems to be floating in the air. This is called ambiguous breath.
Outside MoChengKun already know that something is wrong, looking for a long time also didn’t find ChuYan and LingQiShan.
He knew that Zhang Shaoyan must have done something.
To catch Zhang Shaoyan, he asked, "Zhang Shaoyan, tell me where Chu Yan is."
Zhang Shaoyan "aye aye" a few busy way "mo always don’t worry, just have something to say slowly, you will be so hands-on."
Yang Yi tu also quickly pulled open two people Zhang Shaoyan rubbed his neck with injustice.
"What have I done? What else can I do? Just look at manager Ling. It’s all a little anxious for him, so I just want to help them increase their feelings for one night."
MoChengKun a listen to the head is big "where" he asked.
Zhang Shaoyan said, "So I put them in a room."
Mo Chengkun almost jumped up and pointed to Zhang Shaoyan to scold you, an idiot. What the hell are you doing together?
He rubbed his hair. It’s really breaking down.
Yang Yitu watched carefully and said, "Don’t always you, you won’t be with that woman."
If it’s true, it’ll be interesting then.
Mo Chengkun glanced at him coldly and stopped talking.
After a moment of silence, he asked, "Yes, I didn’t do his thing together."
Zhang Shaoyan laughed at once. "I put them together. We have to know if we did anything else."
As soon as you hear Mo Chengkun, you can’t help but sigh if you don’t have his things.
He believes that ChuYan and LingQiShan’s personality is absolutely not what will happen.
He asked Zhang Shaoyan for the key. This fellow is too hard to admit that the key is here.
Zhang Shaoyan smiled and said, "Don’t always worry so much. You will know it early in the day."
Nai had to wait anxiously until the next morning.
I got up early in the morning and went to find Zhang Shaoyan to let ChuYan and LingQishan out.
When the time comes, Ling Qishan will sleep on the sofa and snore.
While ChuYan is lying in bed facing the inside, and everyone has a look at this scene, and some people are happy and some people are sorry.
Mo Chengkun was extremely happy. Fortunately, nothing happened to them, which was a great relief.
At this time ChuYan was awakened by their movement and gave them a daze look.
ChuYan way "Zhang Shaoyan your ya die isn’t it?"
Zhang Shaoyan came to feel kind, but it happened that two elm bumps didn’t understand, but blamed him for wronged them.
Chu Yan ran away as soon as she woke up.
Chuyan is getting angry.
桑拿会所Mo Chengkun was busy and asked, "How was your sleep? I didn’t expect to find you for a long time yesterday."