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Chang Huanyan nodded. "Then don’t you get foreign universities … it seems more open?"

Yan Nansheng "…"
"Ha ha ha ha ha" RanYu gave a hearty laugh. "Sister-in-law, I’m telling you that among us, Ah Shu and Xiao Sheng are the worst, but now Ah Shu is married and has a lot of convergence. You just have to walk away from Xiao Sheng. Ya not only has a bad mouth but also likes to hold grudges … Don’t say I didn’t wake you up."
Yan Nansheng immediately got up when he heard this. "The wife of shop-owner is boring. What do you mean, the worst is the worst?"? Even if he is married, he can’t … "
"Elder brother has been cured" Han Shu shameless to 1.
"Who was the good wool yesterday …" Yan Nansheng also wanted to call.
"Come on, just talk more. Let’s get together separately and ask not to bring these two single dog again. It hurts my ears to be noisy and immature." Han Shu said to Yu Yu with a smile.
Yan Nansheng "…"
Seal the dust "…"
This trick taunts the skill. The damage value is too great. Two single dog are directly taken by ko.
Chang Huanyan keeps laughing. She thinks this group of people is really interesting. No, it’s enough for her to talk and watch the fun.
It’ s awesome to look at each other!
However, Yu Yu is always quiet and does not take the initiative to speak, but when others talk to him, they will smile or nod their heads and simply answer a few words, so that people will not feel ignored.
Maybe she got used to it when she got along. If he and Yan Nansheng seem to have been yelling all the time, it is estimated that she doesn’t adapt either.
A man in his thirties should not be the same as a teenager in his twenties. He has rich social experience, and his personality has naturally matured and stabilized over time and years, which is what attracts her most.
After dinner, Guan Yan opened his mouth to leave.
The main purpose of their coming here today is to see a melancholy encounter and a happy face, and their balls are too small, so they didn’t say anything and let them go immediately
The couple just put on their coats and suddenly said, "Have all the WeChat friends been added?"
They all stared blankly for a long time, smiling at him and nodding, "It was all added yesterday."
Yu met with "grace" and said to Guan Yan, "Your sister-in-law magazine has an interview activity, and you will cooperate with it then."
"Interview me?" Guan Yan was surprised.
Seeing Yu Yu nodding, he immediately agreed without asking much. "Okay, no problem. Then sister-in-law can contact me on WeChat or directly. I have it at any time."
"Really? Thank you so much! " Chang Huanyan was overjoyed. I didn’t expect this little fresh meat to be so accommodating.
"You’re welcome to help each other." Guan Yanxiao smiled and left with her son and Wu Lili.
"Sister-in-law, what magazine do you work for?" Sealing Chen An curious to ask
"I’m an editor in Duman magazine. By the way, I recently launched a special topic of’ Guigong’. Can you invite me to do an interview?" Chang Huan Yan conveniently said
"Uh …? Oh! Interview! "Feng Chenan nodded" OK "after seeing her eyes depressed for two seconds.
Although the promise is a promise, the expression on that face is a bit frightened.
Chang Huan Yan also thanked him immediately for his curved eyebrows. "That’s very kind of you. Thank you very much! Then I will contact you on WeChat later. "
"OK" Feng Chen An Neng promised
"Ah Shu interview has come out" Yu Yu threw a light sentence again.
"Really?" Yan Nansheng became interested. "Yo, I’ll have to buy it later."
It’s such a shame to interview Han Tan with a black face …
"Sorry, Ah Shu is so popular … the magazines have already been sold out." Always smile.
Han Shao just relieved …
"But we have a client. You can just search’ Duman Magazine’ directly, and you can see all the complete interviews in the first issue," Chang Huanyan added
This woman … "Hehe" by Han Shan "Since the sales volume of the magazine is so high, I don’t want to give everyone an interview."
Chang Huanyan immediately squinted. "Yes, that’s what I’m going to do. I just … I don’t know if you agree?"
Say that finish some carefully looked at the eye field a few people.
She has beautiful facial features and is classical. When she smiles, her eyebrows are curved and sweet, but when she looks at people with such anxiety, she looks delicate and touching. It’s really unbearable to refuse.
So …
"Of course we have to agree. We have to support the eldest sister-in-law. Otherwise, can we still be brothers?" Sealing dust Ann immediately said
Others "…"
This is really a disagreement.
The purpose of this trip tonight has been achieved. I am always happy and hug Yu Yu’s arm and say "great" excitedly.
Some dark boxes have dark lights, deep eyebrows, sharp corners and a faint smile on their faces. "Thanks to Ah Shu."
Chang Huan Yan looked at someone and bowed their heads and laughed.
At this time, everyone shouted to play cards and got up from the sofa to wash their hands.
Chang Huan Yan looked at all the people moving chairs, ordering some wine and shouting … She got up and secretly followed her.
After a casual glance, Ran Yu saw that the two men were tricky. She covered her mouth and then quietly shouted, "Let’s say that we will be punished if we lose tonight!"
"What punishment?" Yan Nansheng asked
"If you lose something, you have to take it off," Ranyu said.
Anyway, she has enough accessories, and there are six rings alone.
"Lying in the trough is not true!" Feng Chenan shouted
"Is there a woman at the scene don’t play so big? Bad influence "YanNaSheng also said.
"That what … it’s getting late. Let’s go first." Gu Qingcheng has got up and wants to escape.
"Don’t go!" Ran Yu slammed the table and shouted, "Husband door!"
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Chang Huan Yan was surprised and quickly flicker into washing his hands.
It’s really …
"Why did you come in?" Behind me, I was depressed by a low sound.