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"repel blood!"

"What? You are elegant? " Obviously, it’s a big surprise to reject blood, but for me, this kind of situation is common and I don’t feel anything.
"Line don’t divert to sit don’t change into the toilet don’t forget to wipe! Elegant is also! "
"Ah, elegant brother, we are no strangers!"
"When did you get so intimate with your brothers?"
Blood-repellent walked over and put his arm around my shoulder and said, "I’m your loyal supporter."
It turned out that Blood Rejection liked hero stories since he was a child, but it was impossible for Reagan to appear in reality, so he went into the fairyland to look for a hero’s feeling. But for three months, he didn’t find any one who was really famous to the extreme. At this time, the name elegant appeared, and the person who died the most times was the first to be punished by the system and the first to be wanted by the kingdom. Everything made Blood Rejection feel confusing and very excited, so he began to look for elegance, but like the majority of players, he couldn’t find the name elegant player, who was far away and close at hand, and even tied with himself
"So that’s it. Then why didn’t you say you had a fight in vain when you waved me? You still don’t know what to fight after that."
But then a headache appeared, because we chose that one of us had to die to end the duel, so one of us had to die before we could be sent out.
"How many levels have you rejected blood?"
"level 91"
"Then I’ll die. Anyway, I’m only level 6, and it’s easy to rise back when I die."
"What? You just said that you are only level 6? " Blood repellent was extremely suspicious, looked at me as if I saw a monster, and then carefully said to me, "Elegant brother, are you really a level 6?"
"Why lie to you?"
"Oh, my God, are you kidding? Level 6 is tied with my 91-level monk. Who will believe it?"
After a round of complaining, I hurt myself, and there was a little health left, which made the blood repellent kill me and disappear into a white light.
☆        ☆        ☆
Just now, Chris and I were waiting impatiently in the hotel in the capital.
"What did the eldest brother do? He said that he would wait for me now."
As she spoke, she saw me coming in with three people. She immediately ran over and said hello to me, and then began to look at the three people in front of her.
The man is handsome, with short blond hair and short martial arts. A strong feeling fills him, while the girl beside him is a woman with long black hair and two dimples adorning her two red faces. You can tell at a glance that she is a very beautiful woman with a smile.
Look at the girl next to me, holding her big brother’s hand in both hands and smiling sweetly, revealing her lively expression that day.
"Big brother, who are these three?"
"Let me introduce you!"
I introduced the three people one by one to the understanding of the disease method, which surprised the disease method. I didn’t expect to see such a beautiful MM for more than half a day, which made the disease method reluctant to secretly decide that it was necessary to find a more beautiful MM in the game.
The four of us sat in the hotel and started chatting. Through chatting, I learned that Xuefen and his girlfriend’ Ice Fox’ are actually a couple of male and female friends. I heard that the name of a big company is called’ Oriental Gods’. Hearing this name, I extremely doubt that the boss of that company has read too many fairy tales, and it surprised me to take such a name and ask what a company does to Xuefen.
The’ Oriental Gods’ network group enterprise is spread all over the world, but how many people know its assets, and this company is actually a joint-stock enterprise in the fairyland game. What’s more, the industry involved in this enterprise is far wider than that of the’ dream’ enterprise, but it is not on the list of the top ten enterprises in the world.
And when they asked me about my identity, I told them my original story, which was nothing more than that I was a very ordinary worker, so I could stay in the game all day when I was a class leader in the toilet.
And the law of disease introduced himself that he was the top three in high flyers’s final grade, so he didn’t go to class. When I asked some more questions, it turned out that he was the world’s first famous university, the School of Ball Information Research. Even the reading company was drinking a special drink in fairyland, the Snow Queen, and almost spit it out. The three of us (excluding Chris) watched the monster and looked at him.
The first one who rejected blood said, "Do you think one of those 1 people can get into the’ Ball Information Research Institute’?"
"Yes! What’s strange? It is just a school. "
桑拿会所"Do you know how important this school world is?"
"I know the world’s number one, but I didn’t get in. I was introduced directly by others."
"What? Introduction? Who is so powerful? " Blood repellent is now afraid to drink that cup of’ Snow Queen’ again, otherwise it will definitely be sprayed out.
"My father Li Yueqiang!"
Chapter 15 Sages
Chapter 15 Sages
Li Yueqiang ranks 27th as the richest man in the world!
This made me and the blood-repelling ice fox almost drag to the ground. Although I just came into contact with the society for a short time, I still learned some common sense of the society through a microcomputer. This Li Yueqiang is not a good man and a woman. When he was 16 years old, he started a business called’ snake and scorpion’. When he was 2 years old, he set up a company. At the age of 3, his company was already one of the top five world-renowned enterprises. Today, his business has been squeezed into the top five in the world on the day of steaming.
"Oh, my God, I’m dizzy. There are too many surprises today. Europe, let me kiss it to eliminate the surprise." The blood repellent covered his forehead with one hand and approached the ice fox.
"Death is elegant, and they return you …" Ice fox hands pushed the blood and said.
"Then wait for them from time to time …" Said a face of grinned blood.
"Ha, ha, ha." I laughed with Disease Method, but Chris still held my hand and smiled.
After a round of conversation, I found that several people talked well with each other, exchanged business cards, repelled blood and left first when the ice fox had something to do in the afternoon, but now I just re-introduced Chris to let the disease know.
"Eldest brother, you are so fucking strong, but I haven’t seen you hanging such a beautiful horse before one day."
Go to hell. If you knew who she was, you wouldn’t think so.
"She? Isn’t she Ruoshui? "
"Chris, show him the original."
A moment’s illness almost made my eyes fly out, and the whole person just froze for a long time before saying, "Oh, my God, I saw a fairy!" "
"Come on, let’s recover."
Chris is very obedient and looks like water again.
"She is Princess Chris, that is, the princess of our kingdom."