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She was silent for a moment and said, "I know Lu Shao is worried about my safety, but I still want to go back and see my parents."

Lu Xun said, "Some people guarantee that they are safe and they are important witnesses."
桑拿论坛Xu heart is a silence.
I took a look at Changning
He looked anxious and seemed to want to say something, but Lu Xun glanced at him and shut up.
Finally, Xu Xin said, "If I stay with my parents, there will be less trouble."
Lu Xun, um, I didn’t say anything more.
After Xu Xin can stay, there will be another person who can chat with me. Of course, I am happy.
But I didn’t talk to her, mainly Gu Changning yard. I’m afraid he still doesn’t like me.
I don’t know what to do in case he loses his temper at me.
Is Xu heart smiled at me.
I gave her a smile back.
As a result, I suddenly saw Gu Changning staring at me.
I secretly retreated behind Ye Xiangyuan with a sigh.
Then I took Xu Xin to the building to settle down.
Many people on the second floor chose the one near Xiaojin.
I said, "Let me know if there’s anything missing."
Those big men are busy dealing with the enemy. Of course, I am in charge of such trifles.
Xu Xin smiled and nodded "good"
I looked at her and didn’t know how to greet her at the moment.
Finally, I can thank her again for helping me get rid of Chu Feifei.
She waved "a piece of cake"
I think I should comfort her a few words. After all, it was a misunderstanding that she broke up with Gu Changning, but I don’t know what to say when Gu Changyu was involved and Gu Changyu caught me and Ye Xiangyuan.
Instead, she looked at me a few times and said, "If you have anything to ask, just ask."
I hesitated. "You will stay here for a while anyway. Don’t worry. Let’s go upstairs and have dinner first."
After Li Mulin’s visit from Gu Changning and Li jiaqi, it was noon, and the kitchen was ready for dinner.
Xu Xin nodded and didn’t say much.
All three men were silent at dinner.
Xu Xin may not want to talk to Gu Changning.
I should have come out to adjust the atmosphere, but because Gu Changning is still awkward, I’m afraid of causing him to resent it, so I will follow the silence.
Have something to say
But he is smart enough to know that the adults have a bad atmosphere and he seldom speaks.
In this way, after lunch, several men went to work
I’m secretly relieved, and I’m glad Gu Changning didn’t bother me.
Xu Xin looked at the courtyard and said, "The sun is fine. Shall we go outside for a walk?"
At this time, just entering the early summer, the sun is not very sunny, and the breeze blows over the branches, and the light and shadow sway and project onto the French windows, which makes people feel better.
I don’t mind taking Xiaojin and walking out with her.
There are corridors and kiosks in the garden.
After a walk, we sat chatting in the pavilion.
Xu Xin said, "The environment here is quite good … and quite hidden."
I understood her meaning and smiled.
If I didn’t guess wrong, this should be the place that Ye Xiangyuan prepared early in the morning, otherwise it wouldn’t be so quiet and it would be suitable for defense.
After a pause, I asked her, "How did you come here with Brother Lu Xun?"
I didn’t pay much attention to her, but I know that she has been a loner since she returned to China, not to mention Lu Xun and her former classmates and friends.
I still heard this from Gu Changyu by accident. At that time, she seemed to tell someone that her brother was very happy and secretly sent someone to pay attention to Xu Xin.
Xu Xin said, "Not long ago, Lu Shao found me and talked to me once."
I listened silently, and then I noticed that her address to Lu Xun was a bit odd.
She used to be with Gu Changning, which must also be familiar with Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun. What does she call now but she is so alienated?
Is it because she wants to keep her distance from Gu Changning?
Xu Xin then said, "He asked me to advise my parents not to follow the Li family again … On the one hand, my parents were lured by Li jiaqi, on the other hand, they couldn’t swallow that tone … Hsu family was not much worse than family, but at the beginning, family in the circle couldn’t look down on us. Hsu family Gu Changning kicked me."
I was stunned.
What’s going on here?
Even if Gu Changning has a bad temper, he is a gentleman. It is impossible to destroy Xu Jiahe’s name outside.
To make matters worse, in my opinion, he still has feelings for Xu Xin.
I don’t know why it suddenly occurred to me that it was Gu Changyu who got in the way.
I can’t help looking at Xu Xin.
She seemed to guess what I was thinking, and there was a sarcastic smile at the corner of her mouth. "She’s the one who did the trick."
I stared in amazement at the fact that I really had it with her.