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Chang Huanyan is like a puppet, entangled by his fingers, holding her hand tightly and letting go of his thigh.

His palm has a thin cocoon left by holding a gun all the year round, which looks slightly rough. Through the thin cloth, she also feels the strength of his thighs, and his muscles are strong but elastic.
Her face was getting hotter and her heart was beating faster and faster, so she turned to look at him consciously …
☆ Isn’t 21 uncomfortable?
She didn’t expect that the man who was absorbed in watching movies had lowered his head when he didn’t know it.
Two people four eyes relative picture some freeze at the moment.
Chang Huan Yan thinks that he is going to kiss me?
When Yu Yu really leaned toward her, she often closed her eyes with a smile.
Who knows …
"Ah" Yu Yu actually smiled.
Chang Huanyan suddenly opened her eyes, stared at him with shame and annoyance and said, "What are you laughing at?"
Section 62
Yu Yu "…"
He did come to kiss her, but …
When he saw Chang Huanyan’s eyes closed, his face raised, and his lips pouted slightly, he couldn’t help but think of the scene when Root Three was a puppy and he couldn’t wait to poke around for food when he smelled the meat.
Chang Huanyan looked at his Gherardini expression and became angry from embarrassment. Suddenly, he lost his mind. He broke free from his big hand and got up to leave.
It was soon that he pulled her wrist again, and then she was pulled back again.
Then Yu Yu leaned towards her again, and her arms supported her side, and the whole person almost enveloped her.
Those bottomless black eyes looked straight into her eyes, but their eyes were deep and quiet, but they revealed a gentle breath because they were too close, and they sprayed her cheeks several times.
No one opened his mouth again to break the silence, but his face was always smiling, and he gradually converged and became unhappy, and finally his brow was ashamed.
She boldly looked at his eyes, his affectionate and long eyes, and she felt thirsty as if … she could not breathe.
桑拿会所  title=Consciously, she stuck out her tongue and licked her dry lips.
Yu Yu’s eyes were attracted by her movement. He looked at the pink uvula lip and licked it for a circle and then took it back … His eyes were deep and his head was lowered for a second.
Chang Huan-yan felt that her lips were warm and tough at the moment.
Suddenly, her pupils widened slightly, and there was a moment of white motionless in her brain, kissed by him.
Man’s thin lips, her lips kept rolling back and forth, sucking, kissing, nose and mouth were full of strong and overbearing male breath, and he was stung by his stubble. He just wanted to hide from him, but he chased him faster, and his teeth were easily pried open.
It seems to have been suppressed for a long time.
Warm and powerful tongue immediately got in, hooked her uvula and kept pestering and chasing.
Chang Huan Yan’s brain rang "buzzing", and the numbness felt like a flood rushing through her insides, giving her limbs a shudder.
She closed her eyes and raised her arms around his neck.
She tried to probe into his mouth in the entanglement of your breath. As soon as she tentatively hooked him, she felt that the body in front of her suddenly trembled, and then his big hand put her waist.
Chang Huanyan couldn’t help but raise her mouth, and at the same time she responded more eagerly to him. Her fingers gently caressed his neck and the back of her head was hard and short.
Two people breath confusion because of lack of oxygen, she couldn’t help but send out finely shallow songs, and her heart beat very fast, and her whole heart trembled with them.
That feeling is like smoking opium poppy.
Long, strong hands, her back brushed slowly through the thin sweater fabric, and she couldn’t help but put herself closer to his lips and kissed his thin lips more strongly …
In the afternoon, the sun came in from the window to illuminate the whole floor of the sofa, and the two figures were almost integrated.
Finally, after a kiss, I often smile and blush, breathing slightly and leaning against the back of the sofa
Yu Yu raised her little face, put her supple hair behind her ears with big hands, and gently brushed her purples and confused cheeks with slender fingers, and pinched her earlobes one by one.
In the face of the person you like, almost all reason is forgotten.
Chang Huanyan looked at him gently, looked up when his face was hot, and this time she took the initiative to kiss his thin lips.
Yu Yu was first stunned and then hugged her waist and kissed back deeply.
After the end again, Yu Yu left her lips and breathed a little short.
Chang Huanyan already felt his strong reaction and blushed like a cooked shrimp.
She is no longer a teenage girl, and naturally knows what that means.
After a moment’s delay, her cheeks flushed and she slipped away with one hand
I was caught by his hand as soon as I met his sick belt.
"…" Chang Huanyan was a little shy when he came, but … when he was patient, he couldn’t help asking, "Aren’t you upset?"
Yu Yu didn’t speak
"I heard that …" Chang Huanyan thought of the words in the romance novels she had read before. "Men … are very fragile and can’t bear it when they react, otherwise it will affect the future …"
"What did you say?" Yu Yu cut off her words.
He squinted at her slightly with a hint of surprise in his tone.
It seems that I didn’t expect her to say such straightforward and bold words.
Chang Huanyan bit her lips and continued, "I mean really … I can help you …"
"Cough, cough" Yu was embarrassed. Even after coughing for several times, he turned his head and sat back. "No"
When he finished, he put his left leg on his right leg without trace.
Chang Huan Yan glanced at a certain place consciously.
Yu Yu "…"
Chang Huan Yan proudly bent up the corners of his mouth, and his eyes slowly passed through his strong chest, generous shoulders and then his face …
When she saw his red ears, she blinked and smiled. "You are not shy, are you?"
"No" Yu Yu immediately replied.
"I also said that your ears are red without you." I often looked at him with a smile like discovering a new continent.
There was no shortage of rolled sheets in the first two people, but she really didn’t expect him to be shy about such a thing.
Maybe she has been trying to finish it before but never studied his reaction and expression carefully …
The tie made her think of what Han Minzhi had said.
Chang Huanyan looked at his slightly unnatural face and blurted out, "I won’t be your first woman, will I?"
Yu Yu "…"
"Sister Han told me that you never kissed her when you were in love with her before, so you gave me your first kiss, too?" Chang Huan Yan asked again